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Information About Upholstery Cleaning Prices London

If you live in London, you probably wonder what price you are going to spend on upholstery cleaning in your home. While some may prefer to save money and do this work on their own, most people choose to use professional upholstery cleaning services due to the multiple benefits they offer.

Factors that determine the overall upholstery cleaning price

Obviously, to determine the overall price for this service, you need to consider how many pieces you need to clean. Some additional factors that would determine the price are:

  • The kind of materials your upholstery is made of
  • The size of each piece of furniture
  • The level of dirtiness and stains

During their inspection, cleaning experts will consider these factors before they tell you the final price, as some materials need more attention and special treatment. The larger the pieces are, the more efforts and cleaning solutions are required to clean them successfully. The same applies when the upholstery maintenance is neglected and there are many stains on it that have to be removed.

What should be prevented during upholstery cleaning?

During the cleaning, staining and shredding should be avoided at all cost. That is why professionals follow strict instructions they have received during their training. Typically, reclining furniture is more expensive to clean, as more efforts are required to move and clean the moving seats. For this reason, such pieces are cleaned against additional fee.

How much professional upholstery cleaning will cost you?

It is obvious why you have to pay double price when it comes to dry upholstery cleaning. Most people prefer dry cleaning, which allows them to use their upholstery almost immediately after cleaning. On the other hand, steam upholstery cleaning takes more time to dry and you will be able to use your upholstery 4-6 hours after the cleaning professionals complete their work.


Let us take a look at how much cleaning particular upholstery pieces would cost. As we already mentioned, different upholstery pieces cost different prices to be cleaned. The method of cleaning will also play role in price formation.

  • Cleaning your armchair using a steam cleaning method costs £20, while dry cleaning would cost more than double that price, i.e. about £45.
  • If you have to clean a two-seated sofa, the price for steam cleaning would range between £30 and £35, while dry cleaning will cost about £65.
  • A three-seated couch would cost respectively £40 for steam cleaning and £80 for dry cleaning.
  • Cleaning companies offer various prices for mattress cleaning based of the type. For steam cleaning of a single mattress, you will pay about £18 while for dry cleaning – £35. If your mattress is double, you will pay £21 – £25 for steam cleaning and about £45 for dry cleaning.
  • Cleaning of dining chairs and office chairs is very affordable. Both of them are cleaned using only the steam cleaning method and cost respectively £7 and £4.

Upholstery cleaning companies often offer curtain cleaning, too. The cost of this service would depend on the length of the curtains.

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