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What Kind of Carpet Cleaning Services in Greenwich Are Right for Your Home?

There are many different factors to consider before opting for particular carpet cleaning services in Greenwich. Such factors include whether the homeowners have pets, children, high traffic on their carpet or whether some of the people living in the house suffer from allergy or asthma issues. Some additional factors to consider are the current carpet’s condition and the material it is made from. The cleaning solution should be compatible with the prescriptions given in the carpet’s label by the manufacturer.

To achieve effective deep carpet cleaning, you need to turn to a reliable carpet cleaning professional that has the right knowledge and equipment to perform this job. Mvir Cleaning is among the cleaning companies that are mostly preferred in Greenwich and the entire London because of the great results they provide. They have gained a lot of experience over the years and apply the best cleaning method available today called steam carpet cleaning. Moreover, in case some of your family members have any allergy, the cleaners will provide them a great relief by returning the cleanness in the house without using any chemicals as all of their detergents are eco-friendly.

Although the steam carpet cleaning is considered the best one, let us review briefly each of the four popular carpet cleaning methods to help you choose the best one for your house.

Carpet shampooing

This is the least effective carpet cleaning method, because the dirt and microbes remain in the carpet and soon after the cleaning reappear. A special soapy detergent is applied on the carpet and is agitated via a machine. After the carpet dries again, a vacuum cleaner is applied to extract the residue and dirt.

Dry cleaning


This method uses a powder that attracts the dirt to it. Then, the carpet is thoroughly vacuumed. As the name of this method suggests, there is no waiting period for the carpet to dry after the procedure and it can be used right away. The problem is that the detergents contain harsh chemicals that are counter-indicative for people with breathing issues or allergies, as well as for the babies or little kids.


Foam cleaning


This method combines the previous two methods, but instead of using a soapy detergent with more water, the amount of water used is minimal. The foam detergent is intended to attract all the dirt from the deeper layers of the carpet. After the foam is applied, the carpet is vacuumed to remove both the detergent along with the dirt and water.
Steam cleaning


This is the so-called hot water extraction method. This method is considered the most effective one, as it is performed with a powerful heavy-duty machine of industrial strength, which has rotating brushes. With their help the dirt is loosen and thanks to the high temperature, all microbes and bacteria die. Then, the vacuuming machine is used to gather all the residue into a waste tank leaving the carpet looking like brand new and with a fresh smell.

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