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Leaving The House With End of Tenancy Cleaning Hammersmith

The checklist is one of the most important considerations that tenants should take into account when they plan to leave their rented property in Hammersmith. In that document, the landlord described in details all of his cleaning requirements. Everything in the house should be left in the same condition as its original state before the tenants moved in the house. Some people even take photographs before they move in to make comparison with what they leave afterward.  

What the checklist usually involves?

It involves practically everything in the house you could imagine. These are walls, doors, windows, wall hangings, corners, mirrors, ceiling, lighting system, skirting, rails, radiators, fire place, upholstery, furniture, carpets, accessories in the bathroom and kitchen, counter tops, appliances, beds and mattresses, stairs, internal bins, and banisters. It also may include some additional instructions for the tenants to follow.

Why professional cleaning services?

All these items should be properly cleaned and if necessary fixed before you are planning to leave your rented house in Hammersmith. All these tasks seem to be too tiresome for a single person to have time to take care of them before leaving while meantime looking for a new house and preparing his baggage. That is why most people prefer to have someone that would do those tasks for them. Professional end of tenancy cleaners will take care of everything included in the checklist guaranteeing that the tenant will not have problems while leaving the house. Furthermore, after their cleaning services, you will get your security deposit that the landlord is obligated to return back to you, if the checklist is passed.

Mvir Cleaning Services

Mvir cleaning company in Hammersmith will help you avoid all conflicts with your landlord regarding the checklist. Being in the industry for years, they know how important for you is to make everything in the house perfectly clean. They offer a wide range of services that would cover every point from the checklist. While they perform their services, you can focus on your pending tasks.

Mvir end of tenancy specialists will remove all the clutters, waste and debris from the house. They will empty and clean the bins, will apply eco-friendly steam cleaning of the carpets, curtains, mattresses, rugs, and upholstery, including cabinets, drawers, wardrobes. They will also remove the stains, clean and disinfect all the doors, walls, windows, terracotta, tiles, remove the spider webs, dust the surfaces, vacuum the floors, remove the grease and polish all the glass and metal surfaces. Everything in the house will obtain shiny cleanness, including mirrors, bathroom screens, taps, hobs, door handles, windows, etc.

All the details in the kitchen and bathroom will be taken care of such as appliances and oven cleaning in the kitchen, as well as cleaning the toilet, basin, bath and all the bathroom furniture and decoration.

Although the checklist may seem too long to be possible for a single person to cope with it and to meet all the requirements included, experienced Mvir end of tenancy cleaners will ensure that no point is left unattended and that you will leave the house with peace of mind and with a full deposit in your pocket.

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