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How Long the Carpets Dry After Carpet Cleaning?

You can keep your carpet’s best shape by hiring a steam carpet cleaning team of professionals, who will clean it the best possible way. The other option is to do it yourself, but the results will not be the same. Yet, many people ask how long it takes for the carpet to dry after the carpet cleaning?

Obviously, the answer depends on the type of cleaning that is used on your carpet. If you use the services of professional carpet cleaners, who apply a steam carpet cleaning method, the carpet typically dries for 3-4 hours. Some people prefer to leave the carpet overnight, and it should be ready for use by the morning. Yet, it depends on some other factors like humidity, the weather outside, the temperature of the air, etc.

There are a few factors that will help you determine the approximate time needed for your carpet to dry after cleaning. We will consider them below along with the tips on how to accelerate the process of carpet drying.

The Carpet’s Density and Thickness

Carpets that are denser and thicker typically require longer time for drying. If you know that your carpet belongs to this type, you need to provide it with more drying time after carpet cleaning is completed before using its again.

Proper Ventilation

The process of evaporation is going to be reduced if the premise does not have good ventilation, i.e. closed windows or no windows at all. How to deal with such issue? You can place a fan in this room to accelerate drying. Or you might improve the circulation of the air by turning on a furnace blower. If it is hot outside, you can simply turn on the air conditioner.

What Amount of Water is Used?

Reducing the water usage to minimum will significantly reduce the drying time after carpet cleaning. Steam carpet cleaning is a preferred method not only because of the small amount of water used in it, but also because of the effectiveness of this method in killing and extracting all the harmful mites, bacteria, insects, and mildew. If you steam clean by yourself, adjust the steam usage.

Water Extraction

Each pass with the vacuum cleaner over the wet carpet removes part of the water, so make it several times during the process of extraction. If you hire professional carpet cleaners like Mvir Cleaning, they will do it with a powerful machine of industrial strength for better result.

The Level of Soiling

When considering the drying time, we need to also take in mind that the dirtier the carpet is and the more neglected its maintenance is until now, the longer drying time would be needed. The reason for this is that the carpets, which are not so soiled, do not require a pre-spray and may need only a pass or two. On the other hand, the heavily soiled carpets in areas with high traffic, such as restaurants, cinemas, offices, etc. will need longer time for cleaning and more mixture being introduced in them.


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