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How long for carpets to dry after cleaning?

The question about the time period needed for the carpet to dry after the cleaning procedure is probably the most frequently asked one. The customers prefer to regularly clean their carpets not only to kill the allergens and remove the dirt, but also to prolong the carpet’s life and to enhance the total look in the house.

However, some people have a bad experience with some carpet cleaners because of the time their carpet have had to dry. Because of applying the shampooing method of cleaning, the clients had to wait for days for their soaked with water carpets to dry.

To prevent this from happening, ensure that you hire a professional carpet cleaning company that applies a steam carpet cleaning method.

How long it takes for the carpet to dry after implementing the steam cleaning?

In fact, multiple factors play a role in this process that is why it is not always easy to give an exact answer to that question. Such factors may include:

  • The level of dirtiness
  • The type of the carpet
  • The humidity in the house
  • The weather outside
  • Is there AC or heat running?
  • Is there a ceiling fan in the room?

If a steam carpet cleaning method is applied, the process of drying should not take more than several hours. Usually, that means between 3 and 6 hours. Yet, the cleaning experts usually advice people to let the carpet stay unused overnight and only then to put heavy furniture back to their place. This step would prevent accumulation of residual moisture under the heavy items.

What if another cleaning method is applied?

If you choose another cleaning method that uses a lot of water for rinsing, the carpet will not be able to dry for less than a few days. In that case, the carpet starts to smell bad and the accumulated in its fibres water may start to damage the fabric. Additionally, excessive moisture is a predisposal to mould occurrence that can put your health to risk. If your carpet stays wet longer than 72 hours, you will need to replace the padding and new cleaning should be completed using a special microbial agent. Moreover, the carpet that stays longer wet tends to quickly reappear its stains.

What are the main reasons for over wetting?

There are two main reason for causing over wetting during the carpet cleaning. On the one hand, this is the inexperience of the operator, who does not know the right amount that should be used in the carpet cleaning process. On the other hand, this is the low quality equipment. If the vacuum does not run at peak performance, it will not be able to extract the excessive water up and the carpet will be left wet.

How to choose the right cleaning professionals?

The right carpet cleaners have a positive online rating and reviews from satisfied clients. Do not opt for too cheap offers, as this may mean low quality technique and cleaning detergents full of poisonous chemicals. Do not hesitate to ask them questions, such as how long it will take to clean your carpet, to let it dry completely, how long they are in this business, do they offer a guarantee, etc.


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