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How Long the Carpets Dry After Cleaning?

The answer of this question depends mainly on the type of cleaning you are going to apply on your carpet. It you are going to use chemical based carpet cleaning, the time for drying will be reduced to about 4 to 8 hours. In case, you would like to opt for more efficient and safely steam carpet cleaning, then the process of drying will take from 8 up to 24 hours before the carpet could be used again.

The period for drying will also depend on the power of the machines used for carpet cleaning. If you hire professional cleaners with a state-of-art equipment and strong suction system, the time for carpet drying will be reduced. There are some patented cleaning solutions that make the drying time less compared to the others. A good example for this is Empowered Water that uses the power of oxidized and electrolyzed water. After using this cleaning solution, the carpet can be ready from use in about 4 to 8 hours.

Another good way to accelerate the process of drying is to close the windows after cleaning experts leave and run the fans. If the weather is dry and hot, you can try the opposite, just keep the windows open to allow the hot air to flow and circulate in the room.

How to save cleaning results longer?

To ensure that the effects of cleaning process will last longer, before using the carpet again, before replacing the furniture in its old places, or allowing your kids or pets to romp on it, your carpet should be completely dry. If the carpet is not completely dry yet, the fabric can form unpleasant dents on the one hand or stains and rust on the other.

Don’t allow heavy traffic, kids and pets to go on the carpet at least 8 hours after the cleaning procedure. In case, you need to go to the other part of the room and you should cross the carpet, do not walk on it on shoes. Instead, wear a pair of white socks that will protect the carpet from dirt.

Before replacing the furniture back in its place, it is advisable to put waterproof protectors beneath the legs. These protectors can stay there for about 24 hours and then can be removed.

DIY carpet cleaning tips for faster carpet drying

If you opt for DIY carpet cleaning, here are a few tips that will help you avoid carpet over-wetting:

  • Walk at a normal pace with the machine, as too slowly movement can lead to over-wetting. The normal speed for cleaning is 1 step per second.
  • If there are heavily soiled areas on the carpet, do not go over them more than twice.
  • If you need to re-clean some areas again, allow the carpet to dry first.
  • If the carpet is not fully dry and you need to replace the furniture, put aluminum foil under the legs before moving it.

What if you use Rug Doctor?

Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machines are known for their powerful extraction systems that remove the excess moisture. This cleaning equipment is twice much efficient compared to the common cleaning machines. That is why the drying time is reduces to about two hours after cleaning. The exact drying time depends on the carpet’s thickness and on the weather.

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