How long to leave carpet after steam cleaning?

Many people inquire about the time they will need to wait for the carpet to dry fully after cleaning before they can use it again. In fact, the drying time would depend on several factors that are described below:

·        The type of the carpet cleaning method

Probably, the method chosen by the cleaning professionals would be the biggest factor that will influence the drying time of the carpet. Steam carpet cleaning is considered the best possible cleaning method of all due to the excellent cleaning results it provides along with the deep cleaning. It can deal with stubborn stains and leave your carpet with a new look. The only drawback of this method is the drying time. Even when the cleaning experts have a strong suction and vacuum system, the carpet still needs at least 5 hours to dry. So if you would like perfect cleaning results, you need to be patient about its drying and to use the clean carpet on the next day.

  • The level of expertise of the cleaning technicians

The next big factor that influences the carpet’s drying time is experience of the cleaning staff. They need to have a certain skill-set that can be acquired only via experience and training. So, when you choose your carpet cleaners, do not opt for the cheapest possible option. Choose a company that has an established name in the industry instead. It is important that you can contact previous clients of the company and ask them about their impressions. They might also tell you about the drying time of their carpets as well.

The untrained technician might use too much water and soak the carpet. Or he might not vacuum it enough to remove the excess water. That is why it is important to choose professionals, who know exactly what to do with each specific type of carpet to guarantee cleanness.

  • The level of humidity

Although the level of humidity is a factor that professionals have very little or no control over, it plays a significant role in the drying time. Both humidity outside and inside your home should be taken into consideration when planning to perform this procedure. Evaporation should be provided, so that the moisture would come out of the carpet. The ideal conditions for this process could be only if the air is dryer than the carpet.

If the air is full of moisture, the carpet with soak it and will become even more wet. Thus, it will take much longer for the carpet to dry. In fact, several days might require before you can use your carpet again.

For this reason, professional carpet cleaners usually ask people to open the door and windows to let the air flow through the room and to accelerate the evaporation. This will help more dry air to let in and to replace the humid air.

The best time for carpet cleaning

Obviously, the best time for completing this service is dry season or months with less humidity. Most people prefer to clean their carpets during the spring or autumn, although the summer is also a great season to do so.


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