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How long it takes for the carpet to dry after steam cleaning?

It was taking quite a time for the carpet to dry completely after steam carpet cleaning two or three decades ago. Usually, people had to wait between 8 up to 24 hours depending on several factors like:

  • Air humidity
  • Experience of the carpet cleaners
  • The level of dirtiness
  • Whether there are stains on the carpet or not

Fortunately, today the modern techniques used in the cleaning process significantly reduced that time. They no longer soak the carpet heavily in order to clean it. If the traditional steam carpet cleaning method is not used, the time for drying may be reduced to 4 – 8 hours. The reason for the longer drying period is the larger amount of water used when more shampoos or soaps are used.

Mvir Cleaning company is one of the reputable steam carpet cleaners serving London and the surroundings that apply the latest technology and products. They use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions that do not require too much time for evaporation. The carpet will be ready for use in approximately 4 to 6 hours after the cleaning experts leave.

They use industrial strength extraction machines that remove the excess moisture and reduce the drying time. The carpet cleaners would usually advise you to open the windows in the room to let the air circulate freely. If the air humidity is too high, you may need to turn on the AC or a fan near the carpet to accelerate its drying.

In order to reduce the drying time, you need to maintain your carpet regularly and to clean it often. Obviously, if it is heavily soiled, it will take longer to dry just because more water will be used for its cleaning.

What is steam cleaning?

Also known as hot water extraction, this cleaning method uses much less chemicals compared to the dry carpet cleaning method. Usually, cleaning professionals choose to apply this method, as it is much more efficient than others. Although the drying time is longer compared to the dry cleaning method, the final results make up this drawback. The carpet looks like new after the steam cleaning is applied. And if you choose a company that works only with eco-friendly solutions, the process of cleaning would be entirely safe not only for you, but for kids or pets if any.

The special machine extracts all the water from the carpet that now contains the soil, dirt and mites. Thanks to the pressure used in the hot water, the debris and dirt and loosen and all the bacteria and allergens inside the carpet are killed.

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning service

Working with gentle cleansing agents is highly beneficial not only for the client but for environment too. Today, more and more people choose these services, as they are aware of the effect that harsh chemicals may have on the environment. Moreover, green products would not harm people or pets, nor they would irritate skin or lungs causing breathing issues. If you have little children at your house, you should opt for eco-friendly carpet cleaning services offered by companies like Mvir Cleaning.


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