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How long it takes for carpet to dry after steam cleaning?

The steam carpet cleaning method is considered the most beneficial and safe cleaning method of all, but one of the cons of this method is the longer time for drying. So let’s see how long it takes for the carpet to dry before you can use it again when the steam cleaning is applied.

How does the carpet cleaning work?

The principle of this cleaning method is basic. The steam carpet cleaning uses a heated water that produces steam, which killed all the microbes, harmful bacteria and loses the dirt and grime. All of this together is then vacuumed without leaving any residue.

How long the carpet dries?

So, steam cleaning uses a fair amount of water. Although the professional heavy-duty machines used for vacuuming the water are very strong, the procedure leaves the carpet relatively damp and it takes from about 6 up to 12 hours for the carpet to completely dry. Of course, this time period would be longer during the wet weather and can be shorten during the hot summer days. Another way to shorten the process of drying is by opening some of the windows or even turn on the ceiling fan to provide airflow.

The so-called dry cleaning requires much shorter time for drying but the use of chemicals most of which cause health issues is not what the modern people prefer. They would rather wait longer before using the carpet than to put their own health at risk.

What depends on the experience of the professional cleaner?

One more thing that can shorten or prolong the time for carpet’s drying is the experience of the cleaner. He should be well-trained and experienced in order to provide a precise and fast work. He should also know what quantity of water is required to clean the carpet without soaking it wet. Additionally, he needs to dedicate enough time for vacuuming and leave the carpet relatively dry.

Mvir Cleaning company that serves the entire London and vicinity has dedicated and trained cleaning professionals who know all the specifics of efficient steam carpet cleaning. Moreover, they offer a warranty for full customer satisfaction, which means that they will work for free to re-do the results if the customer is not 100% satisfied.

Living in the areas with high humidity

The humidity is another factor that prevents the carpets from quick drying and unfortunately it is beyond the control of professional cleaners. Since the carpets dry by evaporation, the air should be dryer than the carpet in order to let the moisture in the fibers to go out. If the surrounding air is too humid, it will not be able to absorb the moisture and the period for carpet drying prolongs.

If you live in such a humid region, you can accelerate the process of drying by opening the windows in the premise to let the dryer air to enter and flow around. So the exact time for carpet drying after steam carpet cleaning depends on many factors, but the average time is between 6 and 12 hours.

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