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Very Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Putney

With an advance of the carpet cleaning industry, more methods of carpet cleaning appear. This sometimes makes people in Putney confused about which of them to choose. Yet, most customers prefer to choose the very low moisture carpet cleaning known just as MLV. Let’s learn some more information about this cleaning method.

What is the dry cleaning method?

Many people assume that MLV carpet cleaning method is the so-called dry carpet cleaning method. But this is false. The very low moisture method does not involve a dry compound, such in dry carpet cleaning. This dry component is used to attract and absorb the dirt and soil. The carpet cleaning professional then vacuums the compound away removing the dirt and soil altogether. This is a method that leaves no residue or moisture, but it is not what the MLV method refers to.

What is the steam cleaning method?

Another misunderstanding is to think that the VLM method is hot water extraction or the so-called steam cleaning. The steam cleaning is considered the best method of all that achieves long-term deep cleaning. It uses hot water or steam in a combination with a cleaning solution to remove the dirt and bacteria using a high pressure. Carpet cleaning professionals use industrial strength vacuum cleaners to extract the cleaning solution and dirt, so no residue is left. Although this method is the most effective, the cleaning technician has to be well-experienced to not saturate the carpet with too much water. Additionally, some types of carpets can be damaged by using high heat on them.

What is the low moisture carpet cleaning method?

This is a different method that combines the best of the aforementioned two cleaning methods. The name of this method suggests that only a limited amount of water is used to be sprayed in the carpet. A cleaning agent is also used in the process mixed with some water. A rotary machine is used to allow the cleaning agent to penetrate deeper into the fibres and to lose all the contaminants. Although the brushes of the machine allow removing a lot of soil, a part of it can still remain, so the carpet cleaners prefer to use an encapsulating cleaning agent that ensures a high percent of effectiveness. The remaining soil is encapsulated by the cleaning solution that dries and the technician removes it effectively with the vacuuming machine.

All of the three presented here carpet cleaning methods have their strengths and drawbacks, but the low moisture cleaning method has proved its effectiveness and can be a great alternative to the steam carpet cleaning Putney. So if your carpet cannot be cleaned using the steam carpet cleaning method due to the specific of the fibres, you can choose the VLM method instead.

Yet, customers have to be aware that any method, which involves chemicals might be dangerous for their health. That is especially true for people with little children or those with allergies. In that case, steam carpet cleaning method is considered the best option. Mvir Cleaning is specialized in steam carpet cleaning services and has many years of experience in this industry.

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