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How to Make Carpet Cleaning Flyers?

It has been all rosy for long despite the slight bumps. Your employer, a carpet cleaning business, is doing fairly well. Of late, however, it is becoming clear that you must start being proactive in the market. With the marketing blitz other industry “big boys” are engaged in, such as Mvir Cleaning’s marketing manager, you have been tasked to come up with initiatives to counter them.  

Marketing initiative

Upon brainstorming with your marketing and advertising team, you decide that a set of different designed flyers distributed across your marketing area will enable you to not only hold onto your current customers, but also attract new ones.

Flyer design

Once you discuss with your graphic designer on what the company needs to do to come up with the designs, you all agree that you will take into account a number of strategies including:

  • Not to try to re-invent the wheel

You concur that you do not have to re-invent the wheel. You note that there are hundreds of thousands of free creative flyer design templates available online, which have been designed by experienced graphic designers. All your designer needs to do is to select some, study their features and perfect them to come up with beautiful designs. You will then study these designs with your team and pick the best ones for printing and eventual distribution in the market.

  • Let the message stand out

A beautiful design and good printout alone may never wash with many clients. It is, therefore, good that your creative people have to think long and hard to come up with a catchy message. The message should not only be attractive to the eye the first time the consumer sees it, but also retain their attention for long. It is imperative, therefore, you come up with a creative slogan or tagline that will stick in the minds of consumers for long. Free tips on carpet care on the flyer can do the trick.

  • Expert full colour use

Human nature dictates that consumers will not want to be associated with boring things. It goes without saying then that they will never keep or walk around with boring flyers. Studies have shown that good colour selection and mixing capture and retain the attention of consumers. You tell your graphic designer and printer to maximize colour use on your flyers by using full colours. The consumer who picks and walks away with or keeps your flyer may need carpet cleaning services today or next week. Alternatively, their relative, friend or neighbour who will see the flyer they have taken/kept, may be in need of your services. Or if the beautifully designed flyer drops along the way, its appearance may attract another customer passing by.

  • Useful information

Provide some of the most crucial information like your head office and field offices location, contacts and other services you offer. This will enable the customers to reach you. You may sneak in some customer feedback to make your potential customers feel you can be trusted.

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