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How to make own carpet cleaning solution?

The good care for your carpet requires regular and thorough cleaning. While many people prefer to hire professional carpet cleaners to performs this cleaning at least twice per year, some others opt for DIY carpet cleaning. In addition, some people would perform cleaning to maintain their carpets between the visits of professionals. Whatever is the case, some recipes for carpet cleaning solution that you might make at home would be really useful for everyone. This homemade cleaning solution can be meant specifically for your carpet’s type. Here, we present four different recipes for cleaning solutions that you can make at home:

Homemade Detergent That is Based on Cleaning Solution

You will need a detergent and mix it in the following ratio: 1 cup of water to ¼ tsp. of detergent. You can use the ready solution not only by hand, but also to place it into a carpet cleaning machine. Both ways are effective in rag and carpet cleaning. To remove the residue that leaves behind, use a vacuum cleaner after the carpet dries.

Homemade Detergent That is Based on Household Cleaner

To make this detergent, choose a household cleaner for all purposes and with no bleach. Use ½ cup of it and mix with the same amount of fabric softener, 5 litres of warm water and 1 cup of ammonia. This solution will not only clean, but also it will soften the carpet and can be used with a sponge to scrub the carpet or using a carpet cleaning machine.

Homemade Detergent for Spot Removing

To make a good spot removal, mix equal portions of baking soda and vinegar to form a paste that can be diluted in warm water. When it becomes a thin liquid, use it to scrub the stain using a sponge or old toothbrush. If that is not effective enough, you can try to pour on the stain club soda and let it sit for about 5 minutes before you start scrubbing out the dirt from the stain.

Another natural way to clean your carpet using a carpet cleaning machine

The first thing to do is to sprinkle dry baking soda all over the carpet you are going to clean. Next, mix equal parts of vinegar and warm water and pour this liquid into the carpet cleaning machine. To make a fantastic aroma, add a few drops of lemon essential oil there too and stir. As soon as you will start to run the cleaning machine over the carpet, the vinegar will make a reaction with the baking soda beneath the machine. This will help you scrub all the dirt from the fibres with ease. The result is simply amazing leaving your rug or carpet with a new look and fantastic aroma of freshness.

The above described are carpet cleaning solutions you can make by yourself at home without having to go to the store or paying much money for a special carpet cleaning detergent. Choose the method that will fit you and your carpet the most.

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