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Professional Techniques Provided By Mattress Cleaning Chelsea Companies


People not always have a proper idea of what mattress cleaning is. They think that it includes elimination of sweat, urine or blood stains or other unsightly marks, as well as to taking care of general hygiene. This is only a part of the mission that mattress cleaners Chelsea provide. Actually, mattress cleaning is a specific process that is completely different from the carpet cleaning. For this reason, some effective mattress cleaning methods are to be applied to ensure good results.

The main difference between the carpet and the mattress is that the latter doesn’t dry. Although mattresses can differ in thickness and composition, the moisture accumulated inside usually cannot dry out easily. For this reason, applying carpet cleaning methods for mattress cleaning is not recommended. The process of mattress cleaning should be done by professionals to prevent healthy risks. They will never perform steam cleaning, hot water extraction or dry steam cleaning on your mattresses, as these cleaning methods require prolong time for drying. If not completely dried before usage, they can encourage mold growth that can provoke a number of serious diseases.

Does Mattress Cleaning Deal With Stubborn Stains?

How effective the current professional mattress cleaning methods are in stain removal, especially when it comes to stubborn stains? The majority of cleaning companies will affirm that dealing with such kind of stains is next to impossible because of the following reasons:

  • The stains cannot be removed without damping the mattress
  • The solutions that effectively clean carpets might not be as effective in mattress cleaning
  • When local stain removal is applied, an unsightly ring is left after drying

That is why the main focus of the professional mattress cleaners Chelsea is elimination of germs and removing of all accumulated allergens and dust. People, who would like aesthetically looking bed, can put on the mattress protector that will prevent it from stains and accidental spills.

What Techniques Are Used For Effective Mattress Cleaning?

However, the question of how mattress cleaners are able to remove the dust, germs, and mites without damping the mattress still remains unanswered. Let’s take a closer look into the professional mattress cleaning process to get the answer.

Mattress cleaners Chelsea use high quality vacuums for dust mite removal. These machines are much more powerful than household vacuums. Their high power and suction are used to extract almost all allergens and dust from the mattress. Additionally, this equipment features a germicidal light that kills viruses and germs that cause illnesses. Some mattress cleaning companies also use a special spray that is completely safe for people and is plant based for sanitizing effect. At the end of the process, mattresses are dust and allergen free and are ready for almost immediate usage.

Reliable cleaners ensure that the mattresses are cleaned from the both sides so that their clients will have no health problems like rhinitis, asthma, eczemas, blocked up noses or sneezing. If you experience any of these conditions, you need to consider calling to mattress cleaners Chelsea as soon as possible. These professional services should be carried out at least once per year.

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