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Mattress Cleaning South East London Advices

Mattress cleaning is an obligatory job that should be regularly done in every house to prevent diseases. There are many professional companies that offer mattress cleaning South East London you could eventually take advantage of. However, if you are determined to perform the task on your own, the specialists give the following advices.

What to do to remove small stains on the mattress?

  • Choose from the store a mild detergent that is designed for mattress cleaning.
  • To start the mattress cleaning process, first turn over your mattress.
  • Mix the detergent with water following the instructions on the label. The small stains can be successfully removed using the prepared solution mixture.
  • Leave it to air dry before using the mattress again.

What to do to remove larger stains on the mattress?

  • You can repeat the procedure but using more concentrated solution and large towels. You will need them to soak up the larger stains.
  • To accelerate the process of air dry, which in this case would be longer, you can use a portable electric fan. In hot days, you can just take out your mattress outdoors under a direct sunlight.
  • Before using the mattress, make sure that it is completely dry. This will save you a lot of hassles later on.

What about the stubborn stains on the mattress?

For stubborn stains, you need to buy a special mattress cleaner. Make a small part test first prior to proceeding with the whole stain to ensure that everything will go well. This test will guarantee that the fabric will stay intact after the procedure completion.

Prevention measures

  • The best prevention tip is using a mattress cover. It will save your mattress from dust and bed bugs, so use it all through the day.
  • At least once per three months thoroughly vacuum clean the mattress after turning it over.

Along with these simple instructions to follow, there are some don’ts advised by mattress cleaning South East London specialists that you should never do. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Don’ts in the DIY mattress cleaning

  • On the contrary of the popular belief, you should avoid using baking soda after the mattress is wet. This will make a paste that is very hard to completely remove from the mattress.
  • Do not use dry cleaning solutions in the process of mattress cleaning.
  • You cannot use a washing machine to clean the mattress, but you can use a bathtub or a hose. Obviously this procedure will require quite long time for drying.

On the other hand, using professional mattress cleaning South East London specialists would save you a lot of hassles. They will use steam mattress cleaning method to ensure that the mattress is completely hygienic and you will be able to use it almost immediately after their leaving. They are experienced enough to preserve the mattress fabric and to eliminate all kinds of stains. If you would like to have a peace of mind and to avoid all related issues, just call the cleaning experts from MVIR Cleaning Company.

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