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Memory Foam Mattress Cleaning Westminster

Memory foam mattresses are a novelty that has become quite popular these days. They consist in a special foam that absorbs heat from people’s bodies and conveniently adheres to the body’s contours.


If you are among the happy owners of memory foam mattresses in Westminster, sooner or later you need to face the question about their proper cleaning. Is there a difference between cleaning such a mattress and cleaning an ordinary mattress? Mvir Cleaning will answer that question by giving some tips of what to do and what not to do when you perform memory foam mattress cleaning Westminster.


What to not do?

First of all, avoid using any harsh cleaning solutions on your mattress. This automatically excludes all borax, bleaches or hydrogen peroxide from the process of cleaning. Although these cleaning solutions could work effectively with other types of mattresses, they should not be applied on a memory foam mattress, as they could ruin it. If applied, they would result in splotches of discoloration on your mattress surface.

Another thing to strictly avoid is soaking the foam. It is next to possible to make all that moisture out, which will surely result in mildew and mould formation.

Another useful tip to follow is that the mattress should not be exposed to intensive heat even if you try to accelerate its drying time. If you have to dry it fast, rather use a hair dryer that is set on the lowest setting to not damage the fabric. The better option is to well ventilate the room and leave it to dry there.

Tips on What You Can Do to Clean Your Memory Foam Mattress

One of the most effective methods to clean this kind of mattresses is by sprinkling some baking soda on it. It not only removes the bad odour, but also deals with the stains. To remove the stubborn stains, you can do a cleaning solution by mixing vinegar with some baking soda and add some water to it. Use a spray bottle to spray directly on the stains and let it stay that way for an hour or so. To remove the dried solution, just vacuum the mattress and the stains will be gone.

Another way to clean a memory foam mattress is by using a mild detergent that has antibacterial properties. To start the cleaning, dissolve some of the detergent powder in water and start cleaning the surface with suds. It can efficiently disinfect the whole mattress surface, while you will prevent your mattress from soaking up too much moisture.

If you want to apply a safe approach for mattress surface disinfection, you can spray on it some rubbing alcohol. It will quickly dry up and will not leave moisture behind.

Knowing these useful tips enables you to effectively clean your memory foam mattress. If the time for serious cleaning has come, you can follow the information above to help you in the process. In case, you have no time to clean your foam mattresses on your own, you can turn to Mvir Cleaning to perform this job professionally for you.


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