How much does carpet cleaning cost in London?

If you reside in London and you are thinking of hiring a professional carpet cleaning company, probably the question about the price you are going to pay arises first in your mind. Let’s examine here the average price that London carpet cleaning companies get for specific types of services.

Usually, most companies charge their clients by size of the room or its type, which will help us find what is approximately the average price they offer.

  • The price for carpet cleaning of double bedroom ranged between £25 and £55. The exact price is determined based on the materials the carpet is made from.
  • For cleaning a single bedroom, companies usually charge £20.
  • Cleaning a dining room will cost you about £25.
  • For cleaning the hallway, you have to spend about £20 and £20 more for the staircase.
  • Rug cleaning costs £15, but the exact price is to be determine after inspection made by the cleaning experts.

Since the carpets are made of different materials, the kind of their fibres also plays role in determining the price of carpet cleaning. Carpets made from natural materials are more expensive to clean as they require a special attention. One of the ways to determine the exact kind of your carpet’s fibres (if the manufacture label is missing) is by contacting the shop this carpet was purchased from.

There are two common types of carpets that are sold in the UK, which are as follows:

  • Tufted carpets are cheaper than other kinds, as they can be quickly made.
  • Woven carpets on the other hand are traditional carpets made by weaving pile yarn with backing fabric. These carpets are of higher quality, as they retain their colours, naturally resist to flame, and are durable.

On the other hand, if you consider what kind of carpet to choose for places of high traffic, such as landings, hallway, stairs, it is better to opt for synthetic one, which is more cost effective and practical option.

When choosing the right cleaning company, do not take the price they offer as your first consideration. Ensure that they use state-of-art equipment that will help them clean fast and effectively your house. Opt also for a company that provides a guarantee for their cleaning services, so they can amend their work if you are not completely satisfied. And last but not least, choose a cleaning company that doesn’t use chemical detergents, but instead they use eco-friendly cleaning products.

If you are still unsure what cleaning company in London to choose, we can recommend you Mvir Cleaners. They not only comply with all the above-mentioned requirements, but also offer their services at very affordable prices. For example, for cleaning a single room, they get only £18 and for a double room – £23. They also provide a wide range of cleaning services other than carpet cleaning, such as end of tenancy cleaning, curtain cleaning, mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning, commercial cleaning, stain removal, etc., at best prices. They work every single day of the week, so you can call them whenever you need.

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