Carpet cleaning in Sutton Rusehill, SM1 postcode area, London

How Much Carpet Cleaning in London costs?

Sometimes, just vacuuming is not enough to make your carpet look better. Even the most powerful machine cannot replace the work done by professional carpet cleaners in London, who will perform carpet cleaning in a few steps to ensure perfect results. Families with kids and pets would need such services even more often.

Instead of spending a lot of money for buying a new carpet when the old one looks too old and weary, the wiser decision would be to hire professional cleaning company for deep cleaning. Professionals would give your carpet a new life making it astonishingly clean. Many people who live in London and need professional carpet cleaning ask about the price they will pay for this cleaning service. So let’s take a look here how much you would pay for such services in London.

The Average Cost for Carpet Cleaning London

Hiring professional cleaners is not as expensive as many people assume. When you compare the time, efforts and money that you would spend on buying shampoo, hiring a machine and doing the whole work on your own, it makes sense to pay a bit more and hire a professional to do it for you. It makes even more sense, if you have more than one room for cleaning.

The price for this service is usually determined based on the room’s size and type. So carpet cleaning companies often break down their quotes into different areas of the house. These include a large living room, large bedroom, small bedroom, staircase, etc. The average prices are as follows:

  • Carpet cleaning of small bedroom costs £20
  • If the bedroom is larger, the price would be £27
  • Cleaning of stairs and landing would be £30
  • Cleaning of the large living room is £35

What else you should know about the price of the cleaning services London?

Before hiring a professional cleaning company, you need to take into account the following two points:

  • Is there a Minimum Charge?
    Most cleaning companies would not agree to clean a single room. Usually, the cleaning companies set a minimum of £50 per order. However, it would be more cost-effective for you to clean the entire house than just one or two rooms.
  • Stains increase the cost
    Since the stains require much more efforts, they cost more. When you send inquiry to the certain company, mention the stains as well, so they could provide you with accurate quotes.

How to save money with DIY carpet cleaning?

Although the prices for professional carpet cleaning are not too high, the truth is that people with a limited budget cannot afford it. The other option then would be to perform the cleaning on your own. It is not an easy process as it can be very time consuming. So, it would be wiser to rent a cleaning machine from the UK stores like HSS and Homebase. The usual price for such a machine ranges between £20 and £28 for 24 hours, while the carpet cleaning solution costs additional £15. This means that if you are well-organized, you could clean the entire house for £35. Yet, you should be prepared that this work is not easy and will take long hours of vigorous efforts.


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