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How Much Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost?

The prices we give here are the average prices after making a research among the UK carpet cleaning companies. This information will help you save money when you compare the price that the cleaning company you are about to hire offers with these average prices.

The payment systems available in the UK

While there might be exceptions, most of the carpet cleaning companies offer quotes, which are based on the specific factor of room’s size and type, i.e. they will ask you whether this is a small or large bedroom, staircase, front room or landing area and will determine the price based on your answer. If they find that the information received during the phone call is incorrect, they will impose additional charges for the work.

It is easy to get quotes from the cleaning companies by phone or via email, as they are happy to provide this information to the potential clients. Usually, before giving their price, they ask whether there are stubborn stains on the carpets, as they charge an additional fee for their removal.

What machines they use?

The larger dirt particles and objects are first picked up by hooving. Then, a special machine is used to spray both a cleaning solution and hot water into the carpet’s fibres. The machine’s head is moving across the carpet’s surface to move the fibres and spread the detergent and lose up the stubborn dirt. Then, carpet cleaners use the same machine to hoover the liquid and dirt up and extract them from the carpet. The last stage is called a rinse. It is when the machine is used again without a detergent.

The cleaning techniques and machines may vary from company to company, but their principle is the same. They all apply a cleaner and suck it up with a powerful hoover.

Average Prices for Carpet Cleaning in the UK

Although the average prices for carpet cleaning may slightly vary in different UK locations, here are the average prices for the carpet cleaning:

  • Cleaning of a small bedroom: £20
  • Cleaning of landing and stairs: £30
  • Cleaning of a large front room: £35
  • Cleaning of a large bedroom: £27

There is a minimum charge to order from a company in order they to come to the address. Usually, this minimum charge is £50, so if you intend to hire professional carpet cleaning services for less money, you will hardly find a company that would agree to perform services below that minimum charge.

It is more profitable to hire a carpet cleaning machine instead of a professional cleaner?

In order to perform acceptable cleaning, a special equipment is required that usually cannot be found in the house. People, who are on a budget and need their carpets to get cleaned, can consider the option of hiring an equipment from the stores. Places like tool hire shops are perfect to look at. What fees you can expect to pay for such tools?

Hiring a carpet cleaner for 24 hours will cost you between £20 and £30, while the carpet shampoo only about £15.


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