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How much does steam carpet cleaning cost?

Many people postpone to call professional carpet cleaners because they afraid of the costly services and hidden fees. If you are one of them, then the information provided below would be of help. You would figure out what prices to expect when you schedule professional steam carpet cleaning services based on the size of your carpet and the size of the room.

Price per room

While some carpet cleaning companies use per square footage price, others prefer to base their pricing structure per room’s size. In that case, the square footage of the carpet itself will play no role in determining the price. When you invite carpet cleaners who use this price schedule, be aware of eventual overestimation of the size of the rooms you would like to be cleaned. On the other hand, do not opt for the cheapest possible option, as it might result in poor quality of cleaning services.

Price per square footage

This is the other option based on which you will be charged. In that case the cleaning company will visit your house to estimate the measures and to give you a quote. It might seem surprising, but if you live in a condo, you are going to pay more than if you live in a two-bedroom house. The bigger the property is, the more affordable is the price for its cleaning. The price would also include some additional expenses, such as travel fees and the price of the cleaning products used.

Factors that play role in price estimation

There are a number of factors that play a role in determining the total price of carpet cleaning services performed at your house. To avoid any surprises and unexpected charges, ask the company about these factors before hiring them. You should be aware that extra services may increase your bill with up to 200£.

You also need to be aware that cleaning stains is paid additionally. The reason for this is that the stains that are stubborn require much more efforts and the larger amount of cleaning solutions to be removed. There are also some stains that simply cannot be removed, as the fibres would be deteriorated. Such are stains from paint and red wine.

Another factor is furniture removal. The carpet cleaners would charge you more if they have to remove the furniture from the room before cleaning and to replace it after the process is completed.

How much exactly you will pay?

Usually, the price for cleaning a small bedroom is about 20£, while cleaning a larger one may cost you up to 10£ more. Stairs and landing would cost about 30£, while if you have a large room, its cleaning is up to 40 or 50£.

Most companies have a minimum charge that is usually about 50£. So if you order services that cost less than that, they would not come. In fact, the larger part of the house you clean, the more affordable it is. So it is worth to clean the whole house than only a room or two at a time.


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