Mvir Carpet Cleaning: Professional Carpet Cleaning

Mvir Cleaning offers great carpet cleaning services to both private and commercial clients. These services have recently received a great popularity as they not only save people a lot of time, but also deliver results that one cannot achieve on his own. This is important for both cases:

  • For private clients who would like to maintain a healthy environment in their home.
  • For commercial clients, who would like to not only provide a healthy working atmosphere to their employees, but to make a great impression to their clients and partners.

Whether you would like to clean the carpets in your home or office, professional carpet cleaning services are the best option. The carpets after such a procedure look like brand new. Their life is extended, so the owners save money in a long run, and the carpet’s stains are removed before they have become stubborn and permanent.

Why professional carpet cleaning is so efficient?

The carpet cleaners use heavy duty steam carpet cleaning machines that provide top quality cleaning. The high temperature that turns the water into steam, kills all mites, allergens, and bacteria that deteriorate your health and emit bad odour. This leads to alleviation of chronic diseases like asthma, allergies, and other breathing related conditions. The killed harmful microorganisms are then extracted with an industrial strength suction machine that collects all the dirty water into a separate container. This ensures that no residue is left on your carpet.

Oftentimes, cleaning on your own leaves a residue that quickly attracts new dirt and dust. This makes all the hassles and efforts you put into this work to go in vain. The situation is quite different when you hire professional carpet cleaners. They will leave a perfectly clean and hygienic carpet that would need new professional cleaning after one year.

The Period for Professional Carpet Cleaning

The actual period for the cleaners to come will depend on the traffic that your carpet endures. Obviously, if the case is a commercial carpet in a business office with a high volume of traffic, the carpet cleaning should be done more often – preferably, twice per year. If that is a carpet in your living room, then you can professionally clean it once per year.

Tips for Proper Carpet Maintenance

To postpone the visits of professional cleaners, you have to take a proper care and maintenance of your carpet meantime. To do that, follow these simple tips:

  • Do not walk on your carpet in shoes. Make it a tradition for you, your entire family and guests to take their shoes off before stepping on it. This will limit the amount of dirt.
  • Regularly vacuum clean the carpet to prevent dust and dirt accumulation in the bottom parts of the carpet.
  • Limit the access of your pet, if any, to the carpet.
  • Do not allow your kids or any other person to eat or drink something, while he is on the carpet. This will prevent many hassles with cleaning stubborn stains afterward.

Regular carpet maintenance will definitely give you back by saving your funds, hassles, and time.


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