Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning Solutions

More and more people become aware that the toxic substances can cause damage and destruction not only to the environment, but to themselves as well, so they try to decrease them to minimum. One way to do that is to substitute the cleaning solutions with eco-friendly ones. There are many green carpet cleaning solutions available today that are not less effective than the toxic ones.

Moreover, people can now easily create their own non-toxic cleaning solutions that can remove stains, provide overall cleaning and deodorize the carpet. Although these seem to be much more harmless compared to the ones that are offered in the market, ensure you test their effect on a small invisible area first.

Non-Toxic Liquid Solutions That Remove Stains

Those who have a steam carpet cleaning machine would definitely prefer to make something that is appropriate to be placed there. It is simple to make such a cleaning solution by mixing equal parts of hot water and vinegar. This will help you remove the stains and bad odor from most types of the carpets without having to purchase strong and packed with chemicals cleaning solutions.

If it seems to not be quite effective for your carpet, you can treat the spots with another mixture made of equal parts of borax, lemon juice, and vinegar. Test its effect on colors beforehand, and if they show no change, you are safe to continue with the rest part of the carpet. If there is some residue left, you can let it dry completely and using a brush to loose it, then vacuum up.

Another effective stain remover is club soda that lifts the stubborn stains with its fizzing effect. It is equally effective in grease removing. Apply it, let it sit for a few minutes and then use a wet vacuum to remove it. By applying club soda, you will not have to rub or scrub the carpet.

Non-Toxic Dry Powder Used as a Carpet Cleaning Detergent

Instead of using commercial carpet powders that contain multiple chemicals, you can do such cleaning powder by yourself. Baking soda is the basic ingredient used for purposes of carpet refreshment and deodorizing. Some people prefer to use only baking soda, while others mix it with corn meal and some herbs for better smell. These herbs could be lavender, bay leaves, cloves, etc.

After making this mixture, sprinkle it all over the carpet’s surface and let it sit overnight. In the following morning remove it completely using a vacuum cleaner.

As you can see, carpet cleaning can be quite affordable and trouble free experience, if you use the common household ingredients to clean the carpet. Most importantly, they are non-toxic and have no side effects on your health.

When You Should Hire Carpet Cleaning Experts

No matter how hard you try, there are some instances when you will need to take advantage of professional carpet cleaning services. These include times when you simply do not have enough time to take a good care of the carpets or the stains and spots are so stubborn that you cannot remove them by yourself. Whatever is the reason, always choose a carpet cleaning company that applies eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

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