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Why To Not Try DIY Mattress Cleaning Norbury?

Many people call to mind the need of mattress cleaning only when their mattress has lost its beautiful original look. Probably, there are some stains and marks on it along with a bad odour that contaminate the air in the whole bedroom. If that is exactly what you experience, you will need professional mattress cleaning Norbury services offered by Mvir Cleaning company. The cleaning experts will not only remove the stains from your mattresses, but will also extract dust mites from inside to ensure your bed is well higienised.

Some homeowners might be in doubt whether to pay for professional mattress cleaners or to make this procedure on their own. If you are one of them, be aware that mattress cleaning is a very specific process. It is different from carpet cleaning, and if done improperly, there is a huge risk of losing much money. After all, you do not want to replace the mattress with a new one after the cleaning, don’t you? Unfortunately, choosing the wrong cleaning method or applying the right cleaning method in a wrong way will lead exactly to the need to buy a new mattress. That is why, it is strongly recommended to hire professional mattress cleaning Norbury services when it is time to perform mattress cleaning at your home.

Professionals would achieve fantastic results by removing the dirt and mites from your mattress and providing you with undisturbed dream at night.

Why DIY mattress cleaning is not preferred?

One of the main reasons is that it takes a long time for the mattress to dry. Mattresses are thick, which prevents easy drying out. The lengthy drying time may encourage mould growth inside that can put your health at risk.

When it comes to removing stains from the mattress, most cleaning companies will admit that it is next to possible to do that. The reason for this is that they avoid damping the mattress to not let the mould to grow. If they apply a cleaning solution locally on the stain, it will leave unpleasant rings after drying. So, they rather focus on extraction of dirt and dust mites. This process will also remove the germs and allergens that might bother you at night.

Should you maintain your mattress’ cleanness?

The answer is absolutely yes. You can do it by the following simple ways:

  • It is advisable to start using a mattress protector after the cleaning is done. It helps extend the period when you will need professional mattress cleaning again and can also keep the mattress from accidental spills or stains.
  • Next, regularly vacuum clean your mattress using a HEPA system. Since most kinds of vacuums used in the household are not very effective, you need either a strong vacuum cleaner or a mattress cleaning expert with a special gear to do that for you. Obviously, their suction machines have industrial strength. Moreover, the company will use anti allergen spray at the end to protect your carpet longer from allergens and dust.
  • Professional mattress cleaning should be done at least once or twice per year.


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