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Options for Professional Carpet Cleaning Thornton Heath

If you are in search of a professional cleaning service in Thornton Heath, you need to consider a company that provides a thorough inspection beforehand. What this inspection includes and why it is so important? Let’s see below.

Inspection as an important first phase of carpet cleaning Thornton Heath

The first thing the carpet cleaners do is to dispatch their professional gear near the home of their customers. The best equipment is used to ensure the best possible results. After making a thorough inspection, the cleaning expert determines the most appropriate technique that should be applied on the carpet based on its specific type. If this inspection is not done, you risk your expensive carpet ruined by the hands of non-professionals.

What are the next steps of the carpet cleaning?

The actual first step in cleaning begins with vacuum cleaning of the entire surface. The goal is to remove all the dirt and soil accumulated there over time. If there are any stains that should be removed, the cleaning technician uses pre-conditioning solutions. If you choose Mvir Cleaning Company that services this area too, you can rest assured that all their cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and do not contain any chemicals.

Then, the cleaner proceed with the chosen carpet cleaning technique. The final step would be to let the clean carpet dry before using. The carpet cleaner might accelerate this process using fans, air conditioning or air flow from the opened windows to enable you to use the carpet as soon as possible, typically within 4 hours after the steam carpet cleaning is applied or about 2 hours after the dry carpet cleaning is applied.

Professional steam cleaning method

In fact, this is the most advanced carpet cleaning method of all although it takes a longer drying time afterward. It provides a thorough deep cleaning and not only removes the dirt from the surface, but also kills all the mites, insects and harmful bacteria that might reside deep into the carpet’s bottom and cause allergies and breathing issues. It also prolongs the lifespan of your carpet by rejuvenating the fibres and provides a pleasant aroma of freshness and cleanness.

The procedure is performed with a special hot water steamer that injects the steam it produces to the very bottom of your carpet. At the same time, a suction attachment is used to extract about 95% of the moisture along with the dirt in a container. No residue is left at the end and this method is perfect for families with pets and little kids.

Professional dry cleaning method

This cleaning method is applied on very delicate carpets and usually includes chemicals. How exactly it is done? A cleaning powder is applied on the surface of the carpet and using rotating brushes, it is rubbed in it. The goal of this powder is to attract the dirt particles and bond with them. After some time, the powder is thoroughly extracted with a powerful vacuum cleaner together with the dirt.

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