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Why People Who Live In Canary Wharf Prefer The Steam Carpet Cleaning o Dry Carpet Cleaning?

Carpets are a preferred choice to many people in Canary Wharf due to their multiple advantages. However, there are many things that carpet owners have to take into account. Carpets have to be periodically maintained and cleaned to keep them in best condition.


Considering the Humidity in the Area


People, who wash their carpets by themselves, also need to be aware that they should wait for 3 or 4 days for the carpet to be used again. In areas with more humidity like Canary Wharf, they might have to wait even longer for the carpet to dry to prevent any moisture inside the carpet’s layers.


Canary Wharf home owners need to determine what type of carpet cleaning they would like to choose. The carpet cleaning companies in the region usually offer two types of carpet cleaning: dry cleaning and steam carpet cleaning. Let’s examine here the pros and cons of both cleaning methods to see which of them is the better choice.


Advantages of Dry Carpet Cleaning Canary Wharf


This method is preferred by many specialists, especially by those who work in areas with higher humidity. The reason for this is that no moisture is involved in this type of carpet cleaning. There are different sub-methods of dry carpet cleaning and only a few make use of some moisture. Even then the moisture is in so small amount that the carpet will dry within a few hours without the need for any special treatment. Typically, the carpet can be used almost immediately after the dry carpet cleaning method is applied. People don’t have to worry about mold or fungus that might reside into the carpet that is not properly dried.


Disadvantage of Dry Carpet Cleaning


The drawback of the dry cleaning method is using some chemicals that might cause allergies or other side effects to the house inhabitants. These chemicals are not recommended to be used if there are babies or little children in the house, who love to play on the carpets.


Advantages of Steam Carpet Cleaning Canary Wharf


This carpet cleaning method is quite common and the reason for this is that it is both efficient and affordable. Steam carpet cleaning method uses very small amount of water in the form of a hot steam that penetrates deep into the carpet’s fabric and breaks down the dirt layers accumulated within. This makes the hard dirt particles to loose and they can be easily extracted by suction machine and gathered into a container.


The hot temperature also guarantees that all the bacteria, mites and other harmful microorganisms that live in the carpet are killed and will no longer cause air contamination, allergies or other health conditions.


Probably the greatest advantage of this carpet cleaning method is that it uses no chemicals that can deteriorate the health of anyone in the house. It is a completely green method that is environment and human friendly.


Disadvantage of Steam Carpet Cleaning


Since this method uses a hot steam, the carpet should be left for some time to dry before being ready to be used again. However, usually it can be used in the very same day, as the steam quickly evaporates from the carpet’s surface.

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