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How to Pre-treat Carpet Stains Before Steam Cleaning?

All people who have carpets in their house know how wear and tear they could look if their proper maintenance is neglected. Afterwards, its cleaning can be a very time-consuming process that requires following a number of steps. Probably, the most important step in this process is pre-treatment. It chases two goals: first, to remove the grime and dirt accumulated by the traffic and second, to eliminate all mites and harmful bacteria from within the carpet.



Why the pre-treatment is so important?


There are several reasons why the pretreatment is important. These include:

  • It accelerates the whole process of carpet cleaning
  • It helps the carpet cleaning deliver much better final results
  • It helps in removing some stubborn stains, such as blood, food stains, and wine
  • It loses grime and dirt that are locked in the fibers and facilitates the process of their extraction
  • It is a good helper of steam carpet cleaning that also helps in removing the bad odor


The process of pre-treatment


Now, let’s take a look at the process of pretreatment itself and what steps it consists of. Thorough vacuuming is among the most effective and necessary steps of pretreatment that anyone should start with. It will remove all the dirt particles, hair, fur and dust from the carpet’s surface and prevent their accumulation on the bottom of the carpet. If your carpet is not vacuumed from a long time, it is wise to repeat the process of vacuuming several times. This strategy will help loose more dirt.


Next, use a pretreatment solution from the market. Such products are ready to be applied on the market. Yet, it is advisable to test their effect on a hidden small area before spraying it all over the carpet. You might need to apply more of this solution to the areas of high traffic and stains.


How to determine the product’s safety?

It is important to ensure that the cleaning product you are going to apply on your carpet is safe enough. To do so, carefully read the labels before you buy the product. Ensure that your carpet is made of materials that would not be damaged or discolored by the chosen detergent.

Since there are different materials the carpets are made from, different carpets cannot be treated equally. A carpet made from wool will require different solutions than the ones made of synthetic fibers. If you are not sure what product is the safest and the most appropriate for your carpet, consult with a cleaning professional. The experts work with different fabrics on a daily basis and would be able to give you a good advice.

What if you choose to hire professional carpet cleaners?

In case, you are going to hire professional carpet cleaners, ensure that they include pre-treatment in their carpet cleaning process. All reputable companies know the importance of that step in the cleaning, so they always offer it to satisfy their customers with the final results.


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