Some people wonder why should they call professional carpet cleaners when they can do this themselves or rent a carpet cleaning machine. In fact, there is a big difference between what professional carpet cleaners can perform and those who do it themselves. The carpet cleaning companies have some specific tools that help them provide perfect cleaning services. They know how to save your time, money and provide top quality maintenance.

What exactly does a carpet cleaner do?

There are many advantages that professional carpet cleaning could offer, but the main two of them are:

  • They are well-prepared to handle any situation, whether that is water damage, stubborn stains after spills or taking care of fragile and sensitive fabrics.
  • Professional carpet cleaners also have special tools that people cannot find in the local hardware store for rental. Expensive equipment includes industrial straight vacuum machine for hot water extraction that leaves almost no moisture in the carpet and effectively removes the residue, UV light for taking care of pet stains, a heavy and bulky machine that provides effective steam carpet cleaning, etc.

Why steam cleaning method is considered the best?

Also known as a hot water extraction method, steam carpet cleaning in fact does not involve steam. Instead it works with hot water that is intended to push out the soil and dirt from the deepest levels of your carpet. To learn more about how this method works, let’s consider the following points:

  • Carpet cleaning professionals will pre-condition the carpet first. To loosen the strains, they use special solution that will be agitated into the carpet to increase its effectiveness.
  • Next, a high pressure hose is used to spray hot water into the carpet. It could be as hot as 200 degrees Celsius. This water eliminates all the allergens, mites and other harmful microorganisms, restoring not only the carpet but your health as well.
  • The third step is to vacuum the moisture together with the residue from the carpet. The dirty water is gathered into a holding tank, so no residue is left behind but a thoroughly clean carpet that needs a few hours to dry.

How exactly this procedure will cost?

In the UK, cleaning of a small bedroom costs about £20, while a large bedroom will cost about £30. Yet, there might be some extra charges that could influence the price. These involve stair cleaning, odour removal, stubborn stain removal, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, moving furniture etc.

When you should consider cleaning your carpet professionally?

People, who have carpets at their home, should make a cleaning schedule. Usually, the carpet cleaners will advise you to clean professionally your carpet every 12 to 18 months. But there are some factors that can shorten this schedule making it as short as every 6 months. Such factors include high traffic, having little kids at home, pets at home, or urgent situations like spillage or stain on the carpet’s surface. It usually takes about 1 hour for professional cleaning experts to clean a carpet with stains.

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