Professional Carpet Cleaning in Gordon schools-Rochester

Gordon schools carpet cleaning project

Last weekend our team cleaned the carpets at Gordon Schools in Rochester, Kent. We would like to thank for this Gordon schools carpet cleaningopportunity to the Schools’ Manager. This has been a great experience for us and we are very pleased with the results. We hovered and steem cleaned the carpets in the nursery, the reception, junior and secondary schools. The children will now enjoy healthier and fresher air, so that their heads stay clear and absorb new knowledge and skills as easy as they can ? We enjoyed every minute of this project as we kept thinking about the childrens’ smiles and seeing them playing and learning in their all cleaned classrooms. We hope that this good practice will become a regular assignment to ensure the best school environment in terms of air and carpet quality. It also saves the management money by prolonging the life of the schools’ carpets! Happy Halloween 2015!

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