Professional Carpet Cleaning vs Machine Rental

Professional Carpet Cleaning vs Machine Rental

You might prefer DIY carpet cleaning or renting a cleaning machine to professional carpet cleaning, as both will save you some money.  But before you opt for this option, you need to ask yourself: Is it really worth to give money for renting a carpet cleaning machine, as it will take much time and efforts to perform this cleaning yourself. Besides, there are some risks that would lead to money loss. Let’s examine this closer.

Some additional important considerations include:

  • Whether you can get the job done the right way?
  • How much are you going to actually safe?
  • What would be the cost for that?

Here are some of the pros and cons of do-it-yourself carpet cleaning.

Pros of DIY Carpet Cleaning

The only advantage in this process is saving some money. That it is!

But What About the Cons?

Unfortunately, the cons are actually quite many. They include:

  • The carpet cleaning job is complicated and machines are heavy and awkward.
  • You will have to make at least two trips to the store to take and return your rental carpet cleaning machine.
  • The time spent on the carpet cleaning will take the entire weekend or even more.
  • You will have a limited amount of time; as you have to return your rental machine or pay more money for it.
  • Since you have no experience in carpet cleaning, there is quite a big chance that your carpet will become excessively wet after the cleaning. As a result, offensive odour will occur, along with mould and mildew.
  • You have no knowledge which detergents are safe for your specific type of carpet.
  • It often happens that after do-it-yourself carpet cleaning, sticky residue is left, that people cannot properly remove from the carpet. It attracts more dirt quite soon.
  • If you use too much detergent, you eventually can bleach, discover or damage the carpet. On the other hand, in case you use too little detergent, your carpet will be only partially cleaned and the stains can become permanent. Knowing the exact amount of detergent to be used on the carpet is very important.
  • Professional equipment surpasses the results that can be made by rental machines.
  • If not properly done, carpet cleaning may lead to premature wear of the carpet.

What about the pros and cons of the professional carpet cleaning? Let’s consider them here:

Benefits of professional carpet cleaning

  • Professional carpet cleaning is effortless, as the professionals will do the entire work for you and you will get a peace of mind.
  • They will use less moisture and no residue you will leave behind.
  • They provide safe and effective cleaning that provides long-term cleaning results.
  • They can safely remove all the contaminants and soil deep within the carpet and prevent premature wear.
  • They use powerful equipment which ensures deep-down cleanness.

Cons of Professional Carpet Cleaning

In fact, there is only one con that is connected with its price. The carpet cleaning done by professional is not cheap.  However, you can be sure that you will get what you pay for.

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