Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning in Kensington and Chelsea

Many tenants believe that with replacing the rented home a new era begins. They assume they would be happier in the new place, but before leaving everything behind, they should take care of their old rented house. They have accumulated many belongings during their tenancy that either should be replaced to the new place or cast away if they find them useless. All broken things should be fixed before they leave. Moreover, if they hope to get their deposit back, they should clean everything in the house.


All the dirt and grime that covers floors, upholstery, carpets, mattresses, etc. cannot be left neglected any longer. Since this is a big job that most tenants are unable to complete on their own because of no time or needed skills, the only option for them is to take advantage of professional end of tenancy cleaning in Kensington and Chelsea. Professionals like Mvir Cleaning will pay a special attention to all the areas that need cleaning, including the hard-to-reach places.


If you just neglect all this mess, you will not get anything from the deposit you left to the landlord, but he will use it to pay an end of tenancy company to deal the issue. After all, the goal of the landlord is to attract new tenants as soon as possible so he would not lose money because of your leaving.


About 40% of all disputes regarding the deposit returning are due to neglected end of tenancy services. To avoid such problems, make sure to use professional cleaners who know what they should do. It is not an easy thing to select the proper cleaning company from so many available out there. That is why we offer you a guide that would help you in your choice. Just follow these five signs:



The Level of Professionalism

Obviously, you need to seek for a company that provides if not excellent at least acceptable level of quality. You would be able to notice it in their attitude toward their clients. Make sure to choose a disciplined staff that has harmonious relationships and is punctual.

Available Payment Methods

The payment process should be clear and straightforward with no additional issues that make it complicated and inconvenient for the client.

A Guarantee That Includes Free Re-Cleaning

The cleaning company you will choose should make the client’s satisfaction their first priority. They should offer a guarantee for quality and if needed they will redo the work without additional fees. Moreover, they should respect the requirements that their clients have and accommodate them in the process of cleaning.

The Level of Satisfaction Experienced by Previous Clients

The final outcome of cleaning will speak of the cleaners’ professionalism. They would pay a special attention to details to ensure that everything is perfectly clean. Contact some of the cleaners’ previous clients, who will share their opinion with you. They will probably tell you if it is worth to choose exactly this cleaning company or search for another one.

Available Discounts

If an end of tenancy cleaning company is good enough, it will offer their loyal clients maximum convenience in the form of seasonal discounts. This is a great way to save money and still enjoy their great work.


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