End of tenancy cleaning in Tooting, SW17 postcode area, London

Why Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning in Westminster?

End of tenancy cleaning is a task that no tenant can neglect. Yet, many of them in Westminster prefer not to complete it because of the following three reasons:

  • It is too time consuming and they do not have that time.
  • It is too difficult to complete and requires a lot of hard work to be done.
  • It is too expensive to take advantage of professional end of tenancy cleaning in Westminster.

What are the results of neglecting to make the end of tenancy cleaning?

However, there are some negative effects that come as a result of neglecting this important task before you leave your landlord’s house. Probably, the most significant of all is that the landlord will hold your deposit and you can forget about it. But there is more than that. Additionally, you will break your relationships with the owner and you will have to move out under stress and tension of these negative relationships.

Benefits of Using Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning

We all know that the tenants indeed do not have the required time to clean everything in the house before moving out just because they are busy with packing and moving their belonging. Although, professional end of tenancy services might seem expensive, it is better to give that money to have a peace of mind.

Moreover, the fee you will pay to them is only a portion of the deposit you will get from the property owner when the cleaning is done. After he sees his property as clean as it was before you moved in, he will return you the deposit and you will leave with friendly relationships. If the landlord is happy with you, he may even write a letter of recommendation to your future landlord. Thus, you will have better chances to be chosen among other tenants for the property you like.

The Cost of Hiring End of Tenancy Professionals

In fact, the cost for these services in Westminster is not as expensive as people think. The prices offered by experienced technicians are affordable and save people both time and money, while all are happy. Companies like Mvir Cleaning offer full scale professional services with guarantees.

What the professionals will do?

The fully trained and experienced professional cleaners use the latest technique to remove the dirt and soil from the house. The end of tenancy package includes services like carpet and upholstery cleaning, curtain cleaning, bathroom cleaning, disposing all the rubbish, cleaning the curtains and windows, mattress cleaning, refrigerator and oven cleaning, etc. Special attention is taken to the stain removal on the carpet, upholstery and mattresses. Usually, the end of tenancy professionals use a steam cleaning method as it is the most reliable and makes everything to look like new after their leaving.


Most end of tenancy companies give a guarantee for the quality. If you or the landlord do not like the cleaning results, the company will redo the work without extra fee. The final goal is that the landlord is happy and satisfied with the cleanness of his house, so he would return the deposit to the tenant.

If you would like to save much stress and hassles, professional end of tenancy services are exactly what you need.


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