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Professional Mattress Cleaning in Brixton

Everyone dreams of sleeping in a clean bed at night after having a long stressful day of hard work. However, to have this convenience, people in Brixton need to maintain their mattresses clean on a regular basis. This is not so easy to achieve, but it is crucial for having a healthy and recovering sleep. Covering your bed with a protecting bag may not be sufficient to keep it clean, as with time stains might appear along with mites and dust that can cause serious health issues.

How Do Bed Mites Breed?

Our body sheds dead cells while we sleep. The harmful mites eat these cells and emit excrements that cause asthma, allergies, eczemas or even hay fever. The dust and mites also disturb people’s sleep and they feel tired in the morning with no energy.

What Is The Solution?

To deal efficiently with this problem, people in Brixton can call MVIR Mattress Cleaners. The company has a long experience in mattress cleaning business and knows how to approach any specific case. These mattress cleaning specialists will make an inspection and will use a steam mattress cleaning method to avoid any residue left after their cleaning.  The method is known to be both the most effective and eco-friendly mattress cleaning method available these days. No harmful chemicals are used in the process, yet all the mites and bacteria are proved to be killed by the hot water. Additionally, the dirt particles and stains are dissolved and altogether with the dead mites are extracted in the container by industrial strength suction machine.

Why Not DIY Mattress Cleaning?

Obviously, people who try to do it all by themselves do not have access to professional gear used by mattress cleaning companies in Brixton. They usually opt for buying a cleaning solution from the local store that might be harmful and will leave a residue. Usually, after such procedure, the mattress has to dry out long hours or even days while the final effect is far from satisfying.

Although people need to invest some money in professional mattress cleaning, MVIR Cleaning Company ensures that they will have not only clean mattresses and perfect night rest but also peace of mind when it comes to getting rid of allergies and mites. Moreover, the air in the room will regain its previous freshness and the entire family will enjoy healthy environment.

How To Maintain The Clean Mattress Longer?

Homeowners in Brixton can follow some guidelines to keep their mattresses clean longer after getting professional mattress cleaning services. These advices include:

  • Regular vacuum cleaning – people are advised to perform it at least once a week to prevent dust and mites be accumulated within the mattress.
  • The covers should be also regularly washed and changed to reduce allergens and dust mites.
  • Soil and dirt can be locally removed using a shampoo or a mild detergent mixed with water.
  • After application, people need to wipe the spot with warm water and carefully to dry it with a clean towel without rubbing. Let the mattress dries thoroughly before using it again.

Professional mattress cleaning needs to be performed at least twice a year.

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