Professional Tips for DIY Oven Cleaning in Sydenham

Usually, after big events like the Thanksgiving day when people cook special dinners, the oven gets very dirty. They try to clean it using different commercial detergents that might be harmful for their health due to the harsh chemicals they contain.

For this reason, Mvir Cleaning Company that provides professional oven cleaning in Sydenham offers people some effective tips on how to clean their oven using a natural and safe way.  It uses household ingredients that people usually already have in their kitchens, yet it is effective enough to provide the needed cleanness.

Needed products

So let’s start with the things you will need to start this natural oven cleaning:

water, rubber gloves, baking soda, plastic and silicone spatula, damp dish cloth, white vinegar, and a spray bottle.

How to apply the oven cleaning in 8 simple steps?

Step 1: Empty your oven first, removing all the racks, pizza stone, and whatever else could be inside, including the oven thermometer.

Step 2: Make a paste of baking soda. You need a small bowl to mix there a few tablespoons of water with a ½ cup of baking soda until a spreadable paste is formed. Usually, to get the needed consistency, you will need three tablespoons of water.

Step 3: Apply it in your oven by spreading the paste in the interior surfaces protecting the heating elements only. To do that, use gloves to protect your fingers from the grime. That way, you will be able to access the dirtiest crannies and nooks. You will notice that the paste will get a brownish colour as soon as you start rubbing it in. So your goal should be to coat the entire interior of the oven as precisely as you can. If there are particularly grease areas, you need to pay additional efforts into rubbing them.

Step 4: This paste should sit long time in order to do its work. It is best to leave it overnight and clean it in the morning.

Step 5: Now, after coating the oven with the paste, you can pay attention to the oven racks which also need to be cleaned. You may soak them in water with an added dishwasher detergent, so they could be easily clean afterwards.

Step 6: In the following morning, you are ready to wipe out the oven with a damp cloth. If needed, a silicone spatula can be used to help you in the process.

Step 7: Next, you would like to eliminate the bad odour. Although, it was partially removed by the baking soda, white vinegar will make this task completed. Put it in a spray bottle and spray it. It is going to react with all the residue of baking soda inside for even more precise cleaning.

Step 8: This is the final wipe to wipe out the remaining vinegar and baking soda left inside. Then, you can replace your clean racks inside and your oven is ready to be used again!

If you prefer someone else to do all this work for you, you can call Mvir Cleaning Company. This team of cleaning professionals use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions and methods, so you can rest assured of your safety.




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