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Reasons To Choose Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Westminster

Whether you are a tenant, property owner or letting agency you will definitely need to carry out an end of tenancy cleaning service whenever a leasing contract expires. It is even more crucial for you if you are a tenant vacating your rented property. This is because you would like to get back your security deposit without the property owner retaining part of it as a result of poor cleaning. 

Often than not, you may need to contract professional cleaners like Mvir Cleaning Company to carry out your end of tenancy cleaning Westminster because of various reasons.

Client portfolio

The number and caliber of a firm’s client portfolio is one of the surest way you can determine if it (firm) offer you top class service. Most professional firms have served major estate agents, property owners and tenants. This means that whether you are a tenant, property owner or letting agency, the firm’s staff not only understand your needs, but also know the expectation of the party you are trying to please whether it is a tenant, property owner or letting agency.

Vetted and insured staff

By hiring professional Mvir Cleaning firm, you will have at your disposal a team of thoroughly vetted and insured staff, a crucial fact that some of your valuable and delicate assets could be at their mercy.


This company has various exciting offers. For instance, if you are a tenant moving out of an apartment and may not be happy to move houses with dirty stuff, they will offer you a discount on certain services such as upholstery and carpet cleaning if you book their services.

Flexible schedule

You may be busy or engaged somewhere else but would like to be around the house when the firm is cleaning it, so this professional company has a very flexible schedule that will suit you. As you negotiate the end of cleaning service contract, negotiate with them the most convenient cleaning time to you.


If you are the do-it-yourself type and the property owner does not get pleased with your cleaning you will have to do it all over again or hire someone else to do it. If, however, you enlist the services of a professional firm, you have a 48-hour guarantee in case of any omission. This means if the third party- a tenant, property owner or letting agency – discovers something not well done during the inventory check, you have the advantage of calling the cleaners  back and they will re-clean the property at no extra cost.

Minimum supervision

Enlisting the services of a professional firm means your presence will not be necessary. At most, with a to-do list, the company’s cleaners will do the job with minimum supervision. On completion you can use the to-do list, which now you will transform into a checklist reminiscent of one the property owner or letting agency will use to review the cleaning before deciding whether or not to give you your security deposit.

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