Residential Carpet Cleaning

The carpets cannot be compared with anything else. They add to the comfort and luxury in the house. However, regardless of their beauty, there is a lot of walking, rolling, jumping on the carpet every day that ultimately takes its toll. The carpet starts to lose its colours and instead of a place of appeal and attraction, it may turn into the ugliest place in the premise. Mvir Cleaning Company offers residential carpet cleaning services that are aimed at returning the perfect look of your carpet and at extending its life.

What professional residential carpet cleaning services include?

  • Mvir professionals will remove the soil, dust, and dirt that are trapped in the carpet.
  • They will eliminate all the allergens, mites and other harmful bacteria that reside in the carpet thus ensuring that your health condition will get improved.
  • They will prevent the appearance of mould.
  • They will handle all the stains and spots, including the old and stubborn ones.
  • They extend the lifespan of the carpet to several years /saving you thousands of pounds/ by restoring some of the damaged fibres and reducing the wear effect to minimum, especially in the areas of high traffic.
  • They ensure that the wonderful clean appearance of your carpet will be restored.

What about the DIY carpet cleaning?

Some people try to perform deep cleaning of their carpets on their own by renting a special equipment. However, this would be a mistake, as most of them do not have a knowledge or training how to operate with such a bulky machine. It either leads to injuries or ruining of the carpet because of over wetting.

It is very important to entrust this work in the hands of specialized, trained and certified cleaning technicians who know all the tricks and secrets of this job. If you would like to return the great look of your carpet, hiring professional cleaners will be much beneficial in terms of saving time, money and hassles.

What residential cleaning services are offered by Mvir Cleaning?

Carpet cleaning: Mvir Cleaning offers deep and long-lasting carpet cleaning applying the steam carpet cleaning method. It is able to extract the dirt from the very bottom of your carpet without leaving any residue. Although this method will require some drying time (from 4 to 6 hours), the result is much more advantageous than performing the dry carpet cleaning.

Rug cleaning: This procedure ensures the rugs will be thoroughly cleaned while preserving their fragile fibres and restoring them as much as possible.

Upholstery cleaning: The company applies steam carpet cleaning on the entire upholstery in your house, taking care of removing both the dirt and stains.

Mattress cleaning: This service ensures that you are going to sleep in perfectly clean bed without mites and allergens that might deteriorate your health or disturb your dream and rest.

Oven cleaning: The company can take care of the dirty oven and thoroughly to clean it both from outside and inside.

Stain removal: You are rest assured that all the stains from your beautiful carpet will be completely removed.

End-of-tenancy cleaning: Another great service that both tenants and landlords can take advantage of to prepare the entire house for the new tenants.


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