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Shampoo your own carpet: What shampoo to choose?

More and more people today prefer to perform carpet cleaning at home on their own to save on professional carpet cleaning services. They usually rent cleaning machines that help them easily and effectively clean the dirty carpets. But choosing the right shampoo for this purpose is a very important factor that should be considered, too. The reason for this is that the type of shampoo you choose affects the cleanness level you are going to achieve. This means that the more quality the shampoo is; the better results you will attain.

There are hundreds of carpet shampoos that you can choose from, but not all of them are effective enough and some may even impose a danger to your carpet and even to your health. So be careful when you choose the right product and follow these simple tips that will make your choice easier:

Tip #1 Do not use a shampoo based on a dry powder

If you are going to apply wet carpet cleaning, never fill the machine with such shampoo, as it is not intended to work well on moist or wet carpets. The same applies for the wet shampoos too – do not use them in your dry carpet cleaning machine. They would be useless. So if you intend to apply wet cleaning, ensure that the shampoo you choose is wet, too.

Tip #2 Choose a shampoo that produces enough foam

If you are going to apply wet carpet cleaning method, make sure that the chosen shampoo produces enough foam, as it will facilitate your work. The foam will help easily remove all the stains and dirt accumulated inside during brushing. It will be beneficial if you choose a product that contains sodium lauryl sulfate, as it supports forming quite a good amount of foam.

Tip #3 Opt for eco-friendly cleaning solutions

Whatever cleaning method you choose, whether it is wet or dry, it is highly recommended to choose cleaning products that save the environment. That way you can rest assured that they do not contain harmful chemicals that may affect your health including lungs, eyes and skin, as well as they will save your carpet from damages.

Tip #4 Ask more experienced people for recommendations

Some of your friends or neighbours maybe already have gone through this way and may share with you what cleaning products they have found to be effective and safe. You may tell them your carpet cleaning needs and they can propose you the best option.

Tip #5 Read online reviews of different shampoos

Although this will take some time, it is worth to know which are the best cleaning shampoos that people are satisfied with. You can take a look at the highly rated shampoos and see the number of people who rated them, are there any drawbacks described, what type of cleaning they have performed and what have been the results.

All these tips will help you save a lot of time and hassles and perform effective and safe carpet cleaning at home.

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