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Sofa Cleaning in Brockley in Five Simple Steps

There are many families in Brockley who face the following challenge – saving their brand new microfiber sofa from kids or pets. No matter how hard they try, the inevitable just happens and the fruit juice is spilled over the beautiful sofa’s surface, or a piece of grilled cheese is dropped on it, or even some of your kids’ colour markers have left a small but ugly stain that seems to stay there forever.

Even if you try to wipe it up quickly, a spot or discoloration will leave behind that can ruin the overall look of your coach. So, here we will consider some methods to deal with this situation wisely and perform sofa cleaning in Brockley the right way.

The Things You Will Need

Is it possible for your microfiber sofa to get rid of the stubborn stains? What you will need in order to it? Let’s consider the list below:

  • A fabric cleaner – any kind should be fine
  • A spray bottle with pure alcohol in it
  • Another spray bottle for the fabric cleaner
  • A brush for scrubbing
  • An old credit card

The sofa cleaning: Five Steps to Follow

First step. The first thing to do is to spray the fabric cleaner on the spot or stain. The affected area should be thoroughly saturated with the cleaner using the spray bottle. Let it sit 1 or maximum 2 minutes to start its reaction with the dirt.

Second step. Next step is to use a clean brush to scrub the area. Ensure that the brush you are going to use is perfectly clean, since you do not want to add even more grime or dirt to your sofa. Scrub the surface of the sofa with the brush for about 30 seconds or longer in the areas where there is too much dirt. If the dirt is not removed from the first try, repeat the treatment until it looks better.

After you notice that the dirt is removed, do not get fooled that now it is clean and just the cleaner should dry. The stain is not completely removed and you will notice it again after drying. So, to ensure that you get the stain out completely while the area is still wet, move to the next step.

Third step. You need to ensure that the gunk is also removed from the sofa rather than getting trapped in the fibres. This can be done by using an old credit card. Use it to scrape all over the dirty area by pressing down hard. The credit card will collect all the gunk that is coming out. Use a towel to clean it and repeat the process of cleaning again at least 5 or 6 times. Once you notice that no more grime or dirt is coming out of the fibres, you can stop.

Fourth step. Use a clean and dry cloth or towel to go all over the area again. Look at the cloth to see whether it is dirty or clean. If it looks dirty, you are not completely done and should repeat the above steps again. If it is clean, you can just dry the wet area.

Fifth step. To do it, spray a bit of the alcohol on the spot and use a brush to give the texture its natural state. Then, leave it to air dry and your microfiber sofa is clean again.

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