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Sofa Cleaning Bromley: How to Make it on Your Own

People in Bromley and all over the UK can choose between a big variety of sofas in terms of materials. They could be leather, cotton, polyethylene, wood, plastic, etc. Obviously, the level of maintenance would greatly depend on the material of the sofa. Some materials require regular cleaning to prevent damages from spills or leftovers. Stains can also accidently appear and ruin the great look of the sofa.

In such a case, you can use the services of professional cleaners Bromley, such as Mvir Cleaning. Or you may try to deal with the situation on your own to save money. There are dry cleaning solutions on the market that will help you in this task.

The following simple advices would help you maintain the brand new look of your sofa or restore its great appearance, if it already does not have its top condition. The more cleaning procedures you apply on a regular basis, the longer the sofa’s lifespan will be.

Make your sofa fluffy again

It may sound strange, but the sofa’s seating cushions should be fluffed at a certain period of time to keep their original form. Just like you do it with your pillows, add fluff to the seating cushions as well. The process is straightforward and takes only 2 minutes.

Regular vacuum cleaning of the body

This step is intended to remove all the small pieces from the surface to prevent damage of the cotton fibres. People need to vacuum clean it on a regular basis to remove all the unnoticed or invisible particles that rest there. For the upholstery, you should use a dedicated attachment that will not ruin the surface.

Dealing with the stains

Spills often happen unexpectedly. They might come from any member of the family, even the adults. Do not panic if there is an ugly stain on the seat, but take urgent measures to remove it. Mix some dish washer with warm water to apply on the affected place. Use a damp cloth to apply that mixture and take a clean damp cloth to rinse with it. Let the place dry for an hour or so. To remove the bad smell, you can sprinkle some baking soda over the place. It is important to remember that you should not rub the wet place. This may not only deteriorate the fabric but will make the stain harder to remove.

Read carefully instructions on the tag

Read the tag with instructions that the manufacturer has left. It will contain useful information that is specific for your sofa. If your sofa is obtained from an online store, you may visit its website for instructions or contact the provider with some specific maintenance questions.

How to clean fabric and leather sofas?

If we compare both types of sofa, the leather one needs more attention and care. The reason for this is that leather could be easily damaged by water or excessive soap application. The fabric sofas can be benefited by cleaning with soap and water. However, to clean your leather sofa, you may need wax-based cleaners that are now available in the market. Always apply a test on the spot before applying the cleaning solutions over the entire sofa’s surface.


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