Upholstery Steam cleaning on two – five seats sofas and stool with ink spots in CR2 area, South Croydon, Selsdon

Sofa Cleaning Croydon Tips

A well-known fact is that the house easily becomes messy, but it is very difficult to clean. There are instances when this fact is especially valid for. For example, after a birthday party or another meeting organized at home or after children playing and running around. It is impossible to remove all those stains from the upholstery with simple vacuuming. It demands a tedious and time consuming work to restore the original look of the house. Yet, sofa and other pieces of furniture can be tougher to clean than other items.

If you are in this situation, let us share with you some of the advices the sofa cleaning Croydon specialists from Mvir Cleaning share.

How to start?

Since the sofas are both bulky and big, to start the process of cleaning them you have to remove the seat cushions first. Next, thoroughly vacuum and brush away the bits and crumbs left or fallen behind. Pay special attention to the edges and corners as the junk tends to collect at that places.

In case you have a leather sofa, after vacuuming wipe the entire surface with a damp cloth without getting the leather too wet.  Avoid making any watermarks of the sofa’s surface.

Protective throws

A good idea to protect the sofa from deep dirt penetration is to place a nice throw over. Although it will also decorate it, its main purpose would be to catch dirt and dust and to not permit them getting inside. Moreover, you will protect your furniture from the sweat, if people sit for a long time in the sofas and armchairs. The throws can easily then be cleaned in the washing machine, even if there are spills or dirty stains on it.

Another smart idea to protect your furniture is to place it away from the windows. The direct sunlight may damage the fabric’s colours.

How often to clean upholstery?

Regularly clean your upholstery to prevent stains from getting stubborn or the dirt to penetrate deeper. The neglected armchairs and sofas collect more and more crumbs, dust, hairs and other hazards that become a ground for the mites to breed. The mites’ excrements make the sofa smell bad and sitting on it might start causing health issues. Apart from cleaning after every special occasion when you spend time with friends or guests, you need to clean your upholstery at least once per month. If the upholstery cleaning is performed by sofa cleaning Croydon specialists, it can be done less often, but still at least once in three months.

If all this work seems to be too overwhelming or you have too busy lifestyle to be able to clean the upholstery, you can always turn to sofa cleaning experts to do that work for you. Mvir Cleaning provides fully trained upholstery cleaners, who know what approach to take for any particular material. This will save you a lot of hassles and will prevent your sofa from ruining after you perform the cleaning by yourself choosing the wrong approach or cleaning solution.

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