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Spring is here and it is a time to start cleaning the house and remove all the dirt, dust, and mites accumulated over the cold season. Spring is the perfect time for completing a thorough carpet cleaning, especially if there are already some random spills, or if you have pets or children.

The good news shared to us by professional Mvir Carpet Cleaning company that operates in London is that you can do it on your own. And today, they will share with us two effective ways to do it.

Create a powerful carpet cleaning solution

It is not so difficult to do that. You can start with the problem zones so it is important to do that at a daylight while each spot is visible. These stains and spots will need your special attention, so treat them with easily available household ingredients: baking soda and white vinegar. It is necessary to apply them in the right order to have the desired effect. First, pour some white vinegar on the spot and then sprinkle baking soda over it to start the process of fizzing. This way, the carpet’s fibres will soften up and the bad odour will be removed.

In case of a very little spot, the advice is to leave that mixture to dry completely and then use a vacuum cleaner to extract the residue. However, if the stain is stubborn, it will be better to leave the mixture for about 30 minutes and then using a damp cloth to blot it up to remove the excess moisture. Then, you can leave it to dry and carefully vacuum the place.

You will be really amazed of the result that this easy procedure can do in removing the stains and improving the overall look of the carpet. To enhance the effect, mix up two of the carpet cleaners you have at home – one general and one for spot removals and let it sit for some time. Then, spread that mixture all over the carpet’s surface. This procedure will freshen up the entire carpet.

Removing the bad odour

If you still have some concerns about the odour coming out from the carpet, you can buy a large jug of white vinegar to apply on the carpet, since it is the only one household chemical-free ingredient that can help you deal with this problem successfully.

Then, mix the vinegar with hot water in equal parts and add that mixture in your steam carpet cleaning machine to apply it all over the carpets, rugs and other floors in the house. The greatest benefit of the vinegar is that it leaves no residue and removes some staining and discoloration. Although at first the vinegar will have a pickle smell, it will be temporary and will completely disappear as soon as the carpet dries.  And the best thing is that the bad smell will be also completely eliminated.

Of course, if you prefer to have a professional that will do this all for you, you can call Mvir Cleaning any time.

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