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What is Steam Carpet Cleaning?

Some people think that the term of steam carpet cleaning is not that accurate. They believe the hot water extraction cleaning is far more correct to be used instead. The reason for this is that this method includes heated water that kills the bacteria and washes the carpet’s fibres from dirt.


However, carpet cleaners usually use the word steam to avoid the negative connotation that the water provokes in people’s mind. They don’t want the clients to think of their carpet soaked with water that needs days to completely dry. In fact, after the steam carpet cleaning is applied, there should be indeed some time for drying, but it is no more than 6 hours. So if you apply carpet cleaning overnight, you can enjoy your clean carpets in the following morning.


So what this cleaning method consists of?

To start with, the cleaning experts spray the carpet with emulsifier that is hot. This pre-treatment is done to dissolve the dirt. After staying that way for some time, the detergent is rinsed out using hot water that is typically between 120 – 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, a powerful vacuum machine is used to extract the moisture. It can extract up to 95% of moisture, which reduces the drying time to 3-4 hours.

Although this method was not that efficient before, today thanks to the development of advanced technology and eco-friendly detergents, steam carpet cleaning is the most popular and preferred method. The wet cleaning solutions used penetrate deeply into the fabric and remove stains far more effectively compared to the dry detergents. That is the reason why more and more cleaning companies apply steam carpet cleaning and recommend it over other cleaning methods available.

Yet, this cleaning method has some pros and cons that people should know in advance.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Advantages 

  • Properly applied, this cleaning method is the most effective in soil and stain removal.
  • The harmful microorganisms and insects are killed by the high temperature used during this method.
  • The process of carpet cleaning could be done with a variety of machines that generate high vacuum, pressure and extraction.
  • No residue is left, as it is deposited in a waste tank and is pulled out of your home.
  • The moisture that is left can be quickly removed by powerful air movers and driers that are widely available these days.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Disadvantages 

  • The drying time could be extended from 2 hours up to 24 hours. That depends on your carpet’s condition and how severely dirty it is. Another factor for extending the drying period is the skills of cleaning technicians along with the equipment they work with.
  • A carpet that takes too much time to dry may be affected by mould and bacteria and start to smell unpleasantly.
  • Wicking, browning and rapid re-soiling are other negative risks that could be avoided by skilled carpet cleaners.

That is why hiring proven professionals is especially important when the time for cleaning your carpets will come. If you reside in London or vicinity, turn to Mvir Cleaning to perform professional steam carpet cleaning at your house.


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