How to Steam Carpet Cleaning?

Steam carpet cleaning is the best cleaning method known these days that is effective in debris and dirt removal. It cleans the carpet fibres with water, soap and a cleaning machine. But how exactly to perform steam carpet cleaning at home? Let us see below:


Step #1 The steam cleaner should be filled with hot water


Usually, steam machines have a heating mechanism that produces a steam from the hot water. Ensure that you do not pour boiled water in the machine but it still has to be as hot as possible. The machine will direct you regarding the amount of water you need to pour in the water tank.



Keep in mind that not all kinds of carpets could be treated with hot water. Some that are made of natural fibres may shrink and be damaged as a result. So, ensure that your type of carpet is appropriate for steam carpet cleaning before the procedure.


Step #2 Follow directions for adding a soap


Usually, the steam cleaners come with instructions of what type of detergent to use. Do not overdose the soap to not damage the carpet. While there are machines with a separate compartment for the soap, others may not have such compartment. In that case, you will just need to mix the detergent with the water in the water tank.


Useful tip!

It is advisable to replace the chemical detergent with vinegar if you are sensitive or you would like to apply a natural option. To make a solution that would be effective in cleaning, mix equal parts of water and vinegar.


Step #3 Start from the corners to the centre of the room


To start the steam cleaning, begin from the corner located in diagonal from the door. Clean the corners first and move the machine to the centre. There are two types of steamers available – one that is moved forward and another one that is pulled backward. So if your machine is from the latter type, you will need to put the head close to the corner.


Step #4 Read the instructions whether to pull or push the machine


While there are steamers that put hot water directly on the carpet and immediately suck it up removing the dirt, others need to be pushed to lay some water in the market while they suck it up during the pulling. There are also machines that should be only pushed or pulled, so you need to carefully read instructions before starting to use your steamer.



Be careful to not step on the cleaned area, as the carpet is still wet on those places and needs some time to dry before you can use it again. If there is no other option and you should step on the wet carpet, do it with bare feet to prevent damaging the fibres with shoes.

Do not speed up the machine as it needs some time to do its work efficiently. Let the carpet completely dry after the cleaning process. This might take several hours.

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