How does steam carpet cleaning work?

It is easy to hire a carpet cleaning company, as there are many of them out there. The hard thing is to choose a company that provides really trained professionals with a big experience. It is important, as they would know how to handle each specific case. Choose a carpet cleaning technician that is confident of how to use the equipment, who knows the most effective way to clean the carpet, as well as who will use eco-friendly cleaning solutions.


A reputable carpеt cleaning company would be able to give a guarantee for the results, so opt for such a company. This means that if any flaw is left after their cleaning, they will redo the work for free, until you are completely satisfied with the results.

Customer support

In fact, the cleaning experience begins from the moment of contacting to the company via phone. You would get impression from their answers whether they are polite and knowledgeable or just want to take your money. You can appoint a day for them to come. Most companies have a day or two off, but there are also carpet cleaners who work 7 days a week. It is better to choose the latter not only because they will come in any time convenient for you, but because they gain more experience than those who work one or two days a week less.

Choosing the right carpet cleaning method

Usually, the company’s operator will call you a day before the appointment to remind you about their coming and to confirm the hour. Serious carpet cleaners will arrive just in time and will make an inspection before they propose the right method of cleaning based on the following three factors:

  • Your carpet’s condition
  • The material it is made of
  • Your personal preferences and expectations


The process of cleaning would start with pre-vacuuming. It is completed to extract about 80% of the soiling inside the carpet.


Then, the cleaning technicians would apply a solution to the carpet that requires up to 20 minutes to get activated. This solution would dissolve dirt and will prepare the carpet for the next phase of cleaning.


Carpet cleaners use a special equipment with industrial strength to remove all the dirt from the carpet using steam to completely kill all the harmful bacteria and wash them away. The residue is gathered into a separate container, so that no residue will leave on the carpet. The air is also made fresh. The steam carpet cleaning is considered the best method when it comes to stain removal. This method is the most effective one, as it cleans deep layers. In addition, the carpet cleaners may place a carpet protection to prolong the time period till the next professional cleaning.

The drying time

Usually, steam carpet cleaning method requires more time for drying than the another popular cleaning method, i.e. dry cleaning. Yet, the latter is not so effective in cleaning and is good only for surface cleaning. If you choose a steam carpet cleaning method, you need to know that it will take up to 4 or 5 hours for the carpet to dry completely after the procedure.

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