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How To Successfully Clean Your Carpet

Do you have a carpet in your sitting room? What about your bedroom? And the dining room? If you have a carpet in one or all of these rooms in your house, then ensure it is/they are clean.

Your health and that of your family or people you living with depends on the cleanliness of the carpet in the house. More so, a badly stained or dirty carpet can be an eyesore to you and your family in the house.

Carpet cleaner

You have to decide whether you want to hire a professional cleaner such as Mvir Cleaning to clean the carpet or you clean it yourself? If you decide to do-it-yourself, then what type of carpet cleaner will you use?


Whether you are doing yourself or hire a firm, you have to clear the rooms or house of all things  – any clothing, shoes, remote controls, toys, papers, pins, coins and other objects  – that could hinder vacuum cleaning or spoil the carpet cleaner.

To ensure that dust does not again fall on a carpet you have cleaned, go round the house dusting all areas – curtains/blinds, furniture, windowsills, and baseboards before you clean the carpet.

You can remove furniture from the room and ventilate it.

Spot cleaning

If you have hired a professional carpet cleaner, they know how to go about it.

But if you are doing the cleaning yourself, it is advisable to pre-treat any special problem areas –stains, torn parts etc- on your carpet.

Always remove stains on your carpet first. Otherwise the stain may spread to other parts of the carpet if you vacuum clean the carpet with a stain.

Depending on the nature, size and location of the stain, select an appropriate agent and a clean white cloth to remove the stain.

Remember to test the carpet cleaning agent in one area not often exposed. This is to ensure that, in case it reacts badly, it will not affect how your carpet appears. Its damage will be limited to the spot.

Do not forcefully scrub the carpet. Any use of force may lead the staining chemical spreading deeper into the carpet’s fibers.


Try always to start cleaning from furthest corner of the room, away from door. You may be forced to move furniture to the centre of the room.

Vacuum clean the carpet and whole room forward/one direction and then backwards/another direction. This will enable you to clean all the dust/dirty hidden in the carpet fiber.


Frequent vacuum cleaning can spoil your carpet. Try and regularly vacuum clean areas close to the doors and where there is a lot/frequent walking on. Place appropriate mats outside and inside your doors to reduce the amount of dirty reaching the carpet.

Once in a while, it is better to hire professional Mvir Cleaning services to clean your carpet because they have the technological knowhow and equipment that they will use that will improve the colours, text and general look of your carpet.


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