Do something better, be patient and creative, be consistent in your ideas!

Interview with Simeon Krachunov, the founder and owner of a professional cleaning company


  1. Hello, Mr. Krachunov. Would you please introduce your company to our readers?

Hello! MVIR CLEANING is a family business established in 2009. We provide cleaning services in private homes, offices and any other place where people need our help. We are a company that strives to grow constantly and to be useful to all our regular and future customers, both with the services we offer and the various advices we give.

  1. How did you come up with the idea of starting a cleaning business in London?

I’ll start from afar. In 1992, when I was 13 years old, my father created a company and I was very interested in the related processes. I was very interested in how the company is managed and he explained to me everything I wanted to know. Maybe, since that time I wanted to have my own company. Specifically, on the question of how did the idea start, I can say that mostly it was thanks to my wife. Observing the market, we have found that cleaning services are a necessity for many people, as everyday life is quite busy, and working people cannot maintain their own homes and the demand for such kind of services increases. So one day, my wife asked me what I was thinking about starting such a business. I have never been in a hurry to make decisions, but after considering everything and discussing the pros and cons we decided to start.

  1. How a Bulgarian person can do business in London?

When we started we knew it would not be easy, and it turned out to be so. Doing any business not only in London but anywhere in the world is not an easy job, as there is already a huge competition and almost all of the niches are busy. Every beginner or a person who intends to do a business should have extreme patience, to be creative enough and to have a clear vision of how he wants to develop.

  1. Did you encounter difficulties and if “Yes” what was the most challenging obstacle for you?

There have always been difficulties, but as I said, if a person is calm, patient, creative, knowing exactly what he wants and how to achieve it, things get right. The biggest obstacle that bothered us was the financial part of the project, as we started from scratch. We started to offer our services to larger companies and to do everything ourselves. From what we earned, we had to cover our taxes and at the same time allocate funds for investment. Everything was happening very slowly, and here come the patience and creativity I talked about. Without them you cannot survive.

  1. How does the market for cleaning services develop in London?

The market is doing well, but as I mentioned, the competition is getting bigger and you need to be smart enough to fight off. However, competition is not a problem, but a necessity. We try to keep our services at a fairly high level, that is why competition helps. It motivates us to get better in what we do for our customers every single day.

  1. Where is your business located in this niche?

I dare say that when it comes to the service quality, MVIR CLEANING gets the leading positions in this field. I say in terms of quality of service, as there are some other factors that customers are interested in, too. We rely on quality and affordability, along with friendly customer relationships. This is the most important thing for us. Many customers are interested in a very low price that we cannot offer. Other customers are interested in how many years a company is on the market. Here, we are at an average level, as there are companies that are quite longer on the market and surpass us in this respect. Here, I come back to the importance of competition, which is very important for us because it helps us develop. We stick to the motto: “Quality and great relationships at an affordable price.”


  1. What are the advantages of using cleaning companies?

The advantages of working with such companies is that the customers can get a fast and quality service at an affordable price.

To achieve professional cleaning, good companies use high quality materials and professional equipment.

The good cleaning companies work with specialists who know how to get the most out of the technique and the materials used.

The price is also important. If you choose a good cleaning company, this will ensure a good cleaning price, high quality service, use of high-end professional materials, and last but not least, meeting deadlines.

MVIR CLEANING is a guarantee of high quality! We strive to be among the best cleaning companies in London, and perhaps after some time all over the UK, too.

  1. What services do you offer?

At the moment, the main services we offer are carpet and upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning, sofa cleaning, curtains and rug cleaning. We also offer end of tenancy cleaning, after builders cleaning and oven cleaning. We have an idea to develop other services in the near future such as domestic cleaning, maintenance gardening and windows cleaning. But all should be done step by step.

  1. What type of customers are turning to your company?

International environment predisposes to all customers, but we work on certain methods and rules. I will give you an example: our employees, who answer the phone calls, require any information from the clients, such as how many floors the property consists of, whether there is an elevator, are there stains on the different surfaces, how old they are and how do they appear, do the customers have pets in the property, can they provide parking, etc? Thus, we strive to get as much information as possible from the customer and give him feedback on what he can expect from us. At the same time, our employees have the necessary information about the property to do the best for the client.

  1. What are your future plans that you want to realize in London?

The plans I want to realize are aimed not only at the business but also at my personal life. Business and money are not everything in this life. Yes, the achievements make you happy and the money keep you calm, but as I have children; I would like to pay more attention to them and realize them, and the company’s realization and achievements will be a bonus to them some day.

  1. Why UK? Tell us how a boy from Bulgaria is today a successful businessman in one of the most developed and prosperous countries in Europe?

Why UK? I cannot answer this question precisely, but perhaps because it is a mega polis that provides opportunities to any person with ideas to develop. Honestly, I had other ideas too, but the fate just decided me to be here.

  1.  Are you worried about the British exit from the EU?

To be honest, it does not bother me. I do not see a mechanism by which Britain can get away from the EU at 100%, so I think it is practically impossible. Some restrictions may have to be imposed on the people, who want to come here, but this is another topic we are about to see how it will develop. It is not realistic that the EU citizens have put money in something, have paid taxes for years and that would be taken away from them. We all will seek our rights, and not only because of this; many of us have documents and are proven not only as citizens, but also as nationals of the UK and this right cannot be denied to us. This country needs manpower to keep the economy going. Imagine that today MVIR CLEANING has signed a 5-year maintenance contract with a building with 250 dwellings and they tell us tomorrow “go away”. This can’t happen. This country will suffer losses, as we will seek our rights. I think we have nothing to worry about.

  1. What brings you satisfaction?

The greatest pleasure is the time spent with my children and my wife. Nothing can compare to being together, traveling together, and discovering new worlds. This is what makes me happy, and that is more important.

  1. Tell a few words to people who want to do a business in the UK?

Everyone can make a business, but with the risk of repeating myself, I have to say that you have to meet certain conditions. First, you need to examine the niche where you will be doing a business and be sure that you will be able to do something better, be patient and creative, be consistent in your ideas. Every business has a way, some walk along it, others do not. We at MVIR CLLEANIG continue to go on our way and develop the company every day. A person cannot achieve anything by himself. Over time, we made a great team and we continue to grow.

Good luck to all!