What is the Difference between Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Maintenance?

Both carpet cleaning and carpet maintenance are a must, but what is the difference between them? Let’s find out below.

People who own a carpet at home usually perform carpet cleaning, but not all of them perform a carpet maintenance. Unfortunately, this shortens the lifespan of their carpets, as well as the period for the next costly carpet cleaning.

What is carpet cleaning?

We can compare professional carpet cleaning with a first aid treatment. It comes to a rescue when there is a carpet emergency, such as dull carpet colours, deteriorated appearance, stains, etc.

What is carpet maintenance?

This is the so-called prevention of the carpet’s deterioration. Since prevention is much better than cure, it is pity that many carpet owners neglect it. You don’t have to wat for a fluid to be spilled on the carpet or another emergency to happen to take care of your carpet. The best way is to maintain it clean on a regular basis regardless of whether it is in a commercial or household environment.

What are the benefits of regular carpet maintenance?

Carpet maintenance, when performed by professional cleaners, will stop the process of tearing and wearing of the carpet’s fibres. As a result, your carpet will stay intact and will preserve its beautiful look for a much longer time. In fact, well-maintained carpets can survive for many years to come without looking dirt and dull.

Why the carpet maintenance is so important?

The carpet maintenance should begin as soon as the carpet starts to get dirty, which happens on the very first day when it is laid. The shoes usually carry soil and dirt from the outside that are trapped between the fibres and fall down to the lower layers. These sharp particles start to tear the fabric over time and you will lose much more money for the carpet restoration if proper maintenance is not done on time. In addition, professional carpet cleaners cannot perform miracles and can only restore the torn areas partially, so your neglected carpet will never look like new.

For this reason, investing in a regular carpet maintenance would guarantee that you will save much more money in the long run. Your carpet will not have to be replaced prematurely and the cleaning methods will be able to make it as beautiful as brand new.

How often the carpet maintenance should be applied?

If fact, even the specialists cannot give a clear answer to this question as it all will depend on a particular situation. If your carpet is a subject to a high traffic and gets dirty pretty quickly, then it is recommended to call carpet maintenance professionals at least once every three months. If you notice that your carpet is relatively good looking within three months of its use, you may extend this period to 4-6 months, but no longer than that.

Professional carpet cleaners who you will call for carpet maintenance will also recommend you the best period for cleaning and maintenance considering all the factors associated with your particular carpet.

Factors affecting carpet cleaning prices

People, who have to use professional carpet cleaning services, usually worry about the cost. How much are professionals going to take for their services? And these worries are reasonable as these services are commonly overpaid. To prevent paying too much for professional carpet cleaning, you have to know some of the factors that can negatively affect the price of the cleaning services, so you can avoid them successfully.

Factors for overpricing the carpet cleaning services

The size of your carpet

In fact, the carpet cleaning professionals always consider the size of the carpets to determine the rates. They will measure the total square footage, so they can quote the cost based on the size.

The carpet’s condition

It is clear that the more soiled your carpet is, the higher will be the cost for its cleaning. Lightly soiled carpets will cost much less money to clean. So if you would like to save some money on professional carpet cleaning, maintain your carpet regularly by performing vacuum cleaning.

Removing of furniture

Should they remove the furniture to access the carpeting before work? If so, they will include that work into the price. To save some money, clean the room upfront by removing the furniture by yourself, so that the carpet cleaning specialists can focus entirely on their main work.

Additional carpet related services

Additional services such as stain removal or carpet repair will cost additional money. If your carpet features some burns, tearing, discolouration or stubborn stains, you will have to pay additional money to the cleaning company, so they can improve the overall condition of your carpet.

What cleaning company should you choose?

Some carpet cleaning companies offer too low price for their services. Do not choose them, as a suspiciously low price means compromising with the quality. You don’t want to pay twice for the same service. That is why, it is better to choose a cleaning company that offers an average market price. If you opt for a company with high reputation, you risk to be overcharged, as they have too many clients. You can safely opt for a middle class company, which will offer you services with the same quality but at a reduced price, just because they want to increase their reputation.

Other factors that are significant in price estimation

Companies that work with the latest technology will charge you more for their services than traditional carpet cleaning companies with ordinary equipment.

Those carpet cleaning professionals that are available every single day would charge you more than if they don’t work during the weekends. That is because they come at the client’s convenience, which is usually not during the working hours.

Carpet cleaning companies that apply eco-friendly cleaning solutions usually charge a bit more than those who use chemicals. However, if you have a pet or baby at home or if any member of your family has asthma or lung related disease, you would rather have to choose the more expensive eco-friendly cleaning than a cheap carpet cleaning service packed with chemicals.

How Carpet Cleaning Reduces Asthma and Allergies?

Regular carpet cleaning is essential in reduction of asthma and allergies at home. Although many people think that indoor air quality is reduced when there is a carpet in the room, the reality shows the opposite – the room with a carpet contains better quality of indoor air, especially if the carpet is regularly maintained. The reason for this is that the carpet serves as a filter that traps different types of mites and allergens. This means that instead of in breathing zone, these harmful organisms are settled in the carpet’s bottom. People who have carpets in their house are obligated to clean them at least once per year to eliminate the chance of getting asthma and allergies.

Only professional carpet cleaning is able to completely remove this hazard and ensure the best cleaning results.

What can you do by yourself?

To remove the allergies and dirt from the carpet between two professional cleaning services, you should regularly vacuum the carpet. This routine vacuuming can remove up to 95% of the soil accumulated in the carpet, especially if you vacuum in different directions to open the strands. Your vacuum machine has to be approved by SOA to ensure that your indoor air quality is indeed raised.

Why is deep carpet cleaning essential?

In fact, deep carpet cleaning is imperative and should be performed every 12 months. It has to be done by professional carpet cleaners, who can renew the carpet’s look and will remove the dirt and allergens from the deepest levels. This deep cleaning will not only cope with stains, but will make your carpet look like new.

How exactly does the carpet cleaning reduce allergens?

The vacuum cleaning machines that use HEPA filters are the best for this purpose. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air and makes these vacuums much more efficient than ordinary ones. The filter is able to trap dust mites, pet dander, pollen and other kinds of allergens.

Along with daily vacuuming, you might significantly reduce the amount of allergies in your house by placing mats at the entrance of your home and runners in those areas where there is a high traffic.

When you clean your carpet on your own, you have to be very careful to prevent mould by not allowing the carpet to be wet for more than a day. Otherwise, not only mildew and mould can grow, but also the allergies can flare.

For this reason, try to absorb any spill immediately after it happens by carefully bloating the affected area. If you cannot deal with the problem by yourself, you have to call professional carpet cleaners, who will bring professional machines that have a high suction rate.

Along with different mites and microorganisms, the carpets absorb volatile organic compounds, which are chemicals that are commonly found in different household products. These can also affect your health. Professional carpet cleaning can efficiently eliminate them, especially if they use eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Mvir Cleaning is such a company that will help you to reduce significantly the amount of allergens in your house.

carpet cleaning

All Natural DIY Carpet Cleaning Solution for Machine Cleaners

There are some rules that should be observed by all carpet owners to ensure the good condition of their valuable carpeting. The key point is prevention. To keep your carpet clean and beautiful, you need to defence it well. This includes regular care for the carpet’s appearance. Here are some preventive measures that you could take to keep it clean for a long period of time:

Do not step with shoes on your carpet!

Entering at home in shoes will greatly increase the amount of bacteria, dirt and grime in your entire house, including the carpet. Take off your shoes as soon as you enter the house.

Use the vacuum cleaner regularly!

It is especially important if the carpet experiences a high traffic. To provide proper vacuuming, vacuum the entire surface in one direction, then change the direction until all four directions are covered. This will move the fibres and will expose the dirt to the air flow. To reach the deeper layers during the vacuuming, set the vacuum to the right height. To effectively remove the bad odour, just sprinkle a carpet freshener, allowing it to sit for 10-15 min and then vacuum it up.

Do not postpone cleaning!

It is especially valid in case of spills or other accidents that require immediate actions to prevent making the stain stubborn. You can use a carpet stain remover to help you lift the stain up. If that will not help, you might need to call professional carpet cleaners in your location. They will know what to do taking into account the carpet’s kind, fibres, etc.

How to make deep cleaning?

If you do not want to use the services of a local cleaning company, the other option is to rent a carpet cleaning machine at least once a year to perform deep cleaning. Thanks to the high pressure water jets integrated in it, the machine injects the cleaning solution deeper to remove the dirt and debris from the bottom of the carpet.

How to make an all-natural DIY carpet cleaning solution for machine cleaners?

It is simple to make effective carpet cleaning solution from common household ingredients. These include 7-10 drops of dish soap, equal parts of white vinegar and warm water and 6 drops of essential oil of your choice. To make the cleaning even more effective, you can pre-treat the carpet by sprinkling some baking soda on the carpet’s surface. Let it sit for 15-30 min and vacuum it thoroughly. Then, use the prepared solution, fill the container of the cleaning machine and clean the entire carpet. You will be amazed with the results!

What alternative can be used for the DIY carpet cleaning solution?

There is even simpler homemade carpet cleaning solution that involves only two ingredients: Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds mixed with water. This is a perfect cleaning solution for deep cleaning.

Before trying any of these options, always make a test by applying the solution on a small invisible area. If no colour change is observed and the fabric remains intact, you are safe to continue with the rest of it.

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning in Lewisham is Important?

Currently, it is difficult to imagine a modern home without a carpet. The carpets of different types give a feeling of warmth and softness and add much more comfort during the cold winter days. However, to keep the carpet in a good enough condition, you will need a professional carpet cleaning service to be done regularly. If you reside in Lewisham, here is here are a few reasons why professional carpet cleaning is important.

Keeping Your House Clean and Neat

The entire house can look dirty if the carpets are not in their best condition. Both your house and carpets can obtain their fresh look and lively atmosphere only if you hire professional carpet cleaners in Lewisham like Mvir Cleaning company. The professionals will remove all the dirt accumulated on the carpet’s surface and in the lower layers. Moreover, they will clean all the skin cells, mites and allergens that are invisible for the human eye. They will also remove the stains and spots on the carpet that come from perspiration, urine, pet droppings, etc. The result will be a pleasant and fresh indoor air that will completely replace the bad odour emitted from the dirty carpet. After professional cleaning is applied, your carpet will visibly look brighter and beautiful.

Extending the Carpet’s Life

If accumulated in your valuable carpet, the dirt starts to act like a sand paper, which slowly but surely wears down the fibres. This damage worsens with each and every step you make on the carpet without adequate cleaning. The result is depreciation of the carpet and its lifespan is shortened. Instead of using it for 10 or more years, you will need to buy a new carpet within two years. Some people believe that regular vacuuming is enough to prevent quick depreciation, but it is not so. Only deep cleaning made by professional carpet cleaning specialists can indeed expand your carpet’s lifespan and save you a lot of money and troubles.

Reaping health benefits

Unclean carpets cause multiple health issues to the house inhabitants starting from elder people, people with allergies or lung related diseases, children, babies, and even pets. The reason for this are fungi, bacteria and pollutants that are trapped into the carpet’s fibres. They start to thrive and spread over time causing irritation that can lead to asthma, eczema, allergy, illness and discomfort.

Unfortunately, regular vacuum cleaning cannot remove all these microscopic invaders fully. It only moves them closer to the carpet’s surface where they can affect people’s health even more. To completely eliminate them, you need to call professional carpet cleaning company like Mvir Cleaning that applies the steam carpet cleaning method. It is the most effective cleaning method known so far that helps in killing all these allergens and providing a healthy and sanitized indoor environment.

If you already have invested money in buying a carpet for your house, it is wise to invest some more money in keeping it clean and healthy, being responsible to all others who live in your house.

Best Carpet Cleaning Kensington for Commercial Cleaning Purposes

If you own a business in Kensington, sooner or later you will come to the point to consider the local carpet cleaning services. You simply cannot have dirty carpets as they will present to your clients the quality of your own services or products. On the other hand, clean and well maintained carpets will speak of your reliability as a business partner and will attract both the clients and partners instead of repelling them. However, to achieve that result, you need to search for the best carpet cleaning Kensington. Let’s consider below how to find such a reputable carpet cleaning company.

Top level of cleaning

Search for a company that provides the highest possible level of carpet cleaning. This is not possible for companies that do not have the latest equipment, techniques and the right training. Moreover, they need to apply only eco-friendly cleaning solutions to not endanger the health of all who work in the premises. It is necessary that the chosen cleaning agency applies the steam carpet cleaning method, as it is considered the best of all due to its multiple benefits, especially the deep carpet cleaning effect.

So when you are searching for a carpet cleaning company in Kensington, ensure they apply the steam carpet cleaning method, have the necessary training, the latest technologies and equipment, as well as the most qualitative carpet cleaning solutions, which are eco-friendly.

Tailored Carpet Cleaning Services for Different Sectors of Industry

This is another important factor to search for. It is essential that the professional carpet cleaners have a specific cleaning approach to different industries like leisure, hospitality, industrial sector, retail, and other professional sectors, as all of them have different needs. The commitments should be arranged in a way that would cause a minimal disruption to the business. That could be the day off when the company is closed. This means that the chosen carpet cleaning company should be available at that day. So, prefer a carpet cleaning company that works 7 days a week, as they will be always available to make the job in your most convenient time.

Search for a Cleaning Company with a Website

In the modern world we live, we simply cannot imagine the life without the Internet. From there, we get detailed information about everything we are interested in. A reputable carpet cleaning company in Kensington should have its own professional website with all the services and techniques described there along with the prices. People can read the testimonials from the previous clients, contact details, and some other specifics related to their work. A company without a website simply cannot stand out above the competition.

Performing Specific Tasks Like Stain Removal

Professional carpet cleaning company will definitely have a vast knowledge of different cleaning methods and tricks. They will know how to remove the stubborn stains and will be able to offer a range of other services. These could include mattress cleaning, curtain cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, etc.

If you are still in doubt about which carpet cleaning company in Kensington to choose, we advise you to call the local Mvir Cleaning professionals.