The Best EVER Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution in Hammersmith

Although most people in Hammersmith would prefer to use professional carpet cleaning services that save them a lot of time, some that are on budget still opt for DIY carpet cleaning. It is definitely not easy to cope with that important task, especially if you are a newbie. Besides the right cleaning technique, it is essential to know what cleaning solution to apply. There are hundreds of them on the market, but some are definitely a total waste of money. The best option would be to prepare a homemade cleaning solution that will be made of household products widely available. This will not only help you save money, but you will not be exposed to the hazardous effect of chemicals that most commercial carpet cleaning solutions are packed with.

Mvir Cleaning, which operates in Hammersmith, is ready to share with you the best ever homemade carpet cleaning recipe that you can take advantage of to perform carpet cleaning on your own.

How to make this carpet cleaning solution?

To prepare it, you should have baking soda, white vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide. To take care of your carpet, which has been probably neglected for some time, add equal parts of hot water and white vinegar in your carpet cleaning machine. This will refresh the carpet and will significantly improve its smell.

To deal with the stains that have appeared on the surface over the time, mix white vinegar and baking soda to form a paste. Apply it on the stains and wait until it dries out completely. Then, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the residue. You can use an old toothbrush to work this cleaning paste into the fibres, so it may penetrate deeper and have a better effect.

For very stubborn stains, such as chocolate, ketchup or whine stains, you can pour some hydrogen peroxide on the stain directly and it will become to fizz. Let it do its work and then use a clean rug to dab it. If you notice some improvement but the stain is still there, you can repeat the procedure as many times as needed to be completely removed.

As you can see, these methods are really easy accessible and cheap, so you can take advantage of them when you plan your carpet cleaning. However, there are instances when you will need to call professional carpet cleaning technicians.

Taking advantage of professional cleaning in Hammersmith

If you see that nothing helps to recover the original beautiful look of your carpet, then you probably need to turn to local professional carpet cleaners. They will take care of your dull carpet and the stains. They use special cleaning solutions that are very effective and leave no spots behind. They also apply deodorizers to remove the bad odour and replace it with a pleasant and fresh one.

Mvir Cleaning is always available to help you in carpet cleaning. They use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are completely harmless and offer a guarantee for quality. The best part is that they will not charge you a fortune for this service.

We Visited a Client in Hammersmith to Clean his Carpet

There are many businesses and private people in Hammersmith that need regular professional carpet cleaning. Mvir Cleaning is there to meet their needs and resolve their carpet cleaning problems. We will share with you information about one such visit of a private client in Hammersmith that we recently did.

Benefits or Hiring Mvir Cleaning

There are many carpet cleaning companies in the region, but the clients called us because of the benefits we provide. Here they are:

We offer very competitive prices for the carpet cleaning companies. That definitely attracts people who are on a budget, yet would like to keep their house mite and bacteria free.

We work every day of the week including on weekends, which was very convenient for our client, as he was busy in all the work days.

We offer a guarantee for a full customer satisfaction, which gave him a confidence that he will not spend his money in vain. In case, he was not completely satisfied, we could redo the work to achieve his full satisfaction.

Our client had an allergy, so he was very worried about using chemicals in the process of carpet cleaning. We assured him that all our cleaning solutions are entirely eco-friendly and no chemicals are included in the cleaning process. Moreover, carpet cleaning will have a very positive impact on his health and is able to greatly alleviate his disease. The reason for this is that all the disease-causing microorganism, germs, and allergens will be killed with the steam carpet cleaning method and they will be extracted from the carpet together with the dust and dirt.

We have experienced, trained and knowledgeable carpet cleaning technicians who know what cleaning approach should be taken in each specific case. Since there are different kinds of carpets, determining the right cleaning solution and method is essential for both its proper cleaning and preservation.

Mvir Cleaning Goals

We have five main goals that include:

  • Full customer satisfaction
  • Removing the allergens and mites that deteriorate people’s health at home
  • Returning of the great and beautiful carpet’s look by removing all the dirt, soil, and dust along with the nasty stains
  • Extending the life of the carpet
  • Preserving the environment by using eco-friendly cleaning solutions

All these benefits combined explain why the customer chose us for his carpet cleaning task.

The Cleaning Process Itself

On Sunday morning, we went to the client’s address with all our machines and equipment. We did an inspection of the carpet’s condition first and then started the work. The cleaning process consisted in three stages that took about an hour. The first stage was pre-treatment. It consisted of thorough vacuuming of the carpet and sprinkling an eco-friendly cleaning solution to dissolve the dirt that was stuck inside the fibres. The second stage was applying the steam cleaning method using our professional heavy-duty steaming machine. And last, we extracted all the residue and moisture from the carpet along with all the dirt. The carpet was completely clean and the client was very happy. He noticed that the air quality of the room significantly improved.


Best Carpet Cleaning in Hammersmith

Over time, the carpets accumulate much pollutants, germs, and bacteria that can become hazardous for your health when they are not handled on time. As a carpet owner, you have a responsibility to ensure that your carpet’s condition is good enough. This is achieved with regular vacuuming and use of professional carpet cleaning services once in a while. This procedure will definitely restore the good condition of the carpet by removing all the contaminants and stains that the vacuum cleaner is unable to deal with.

Why You Should NOT Try DIY Carpet Cleaning?

A good professional service will save you a lot of money and time, as DIY carpet cleaning usually takes a few days and may end up with money loss rather than with a clean carpet. The reason for this is that the owner usually has no experience in cleaning and in the method that fits his carpet and often overwaters it. As a result, the carpet cannot dry and starts to develop a mildew. Apart for being dangerous for people’s health, mildew ruins the carpet and there is nothing that can be done about it except for the carpet’s disposal.


It is not so easy to choose the best carpet cleaning service in Hammersmith. There are certain criteria that professional carpet cleaners should comply with to prove their professionalism. These include:


The quality of the services largely depends on the amount of experience the carpet cleaners have. When you choose your carpet cleaners in Hammersmith, ask about their years of experience. The more years of experience they have the more knowledgeable they are about how to deal with different kinds of fibres, stains, and other carpet related issues. They will also know which cleaning solutions best fit the specific kind of carpet you have. Choosing experienced local carpet cleaners will give you more confidence that the work will be properly done.


Your chosen carpet cleaners should provide training to all their technicians. This will ensure that they will apply the right technique for each specific case. They will also apply the right cleaning products to prevent damages or further deterioration of the carpet. They will also know how to restore the damaged fibres and to extend the life of your carpet.

The Latest Cleaning Equipment

Good carpet cleaners have up-to-date carpet cleaning equipment that has an industrial strength. This allows them to achieve perfect cleanness that cannot be achieved by household tools. They would opt for a steam carpet cleaning method that is considered the best method for deep carpet cleaning. Although these machines are heavy-duty, the company will take care of carrying them to your house to ensure the optimal cleaning results.

Courtesy and Support

This is essential factor when considering the right cleaning company, since your will have strangers in your house. Real professionals would know how to communicate with their clients, so opt for the ones who are willing to help you and are friendly. After all, you will have to trust them.

If you still find it difficult to choose the best carpet cleaning services in Hammersmith, we recommend you to take advantage of Mvir Cleaning, as they fully comply with all the above stated criteria.




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