Carpet Cleaning Merton – Get Best Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services

One of the most important tasks to be done both in homes and business offices is regular carpet cleaning. It is important to keep them clean for multiple reasons, some of which include:

  • Clean carpets represent the quality of the brand in the commercial buildings, as well as the cleanness that the housewife maintains in the private houses. None of these groups would like to invite guests when the carpet inside is dirty, as it usually makes the first impression to the visitors.
  • The neglected carpets start to induce different health issues related to allergies and breathing. This is because of the mites and allergens that start to breed when the carpet is not properly cleaned. Moreover, the dust that is within the fibres also causes breathing problems, and may result in asthma, bronchitis, etc. Obviously, if such a carpet is in the office, the employees will not be productive during the work and will be often ill.
  • The dirty carpets make the indoor air impure. When the visitor comes in from outside, he will definitely notice the difference.
  • The life of the dirty carpets will be significantly reduced if they are not cleaned on time, which means a great money loss for both families and businesses.

These are just some of the reasons why people in Merton need professional carpet cleaning services.  Now, let’s consider how to find the right carpet cleaning company in your area.

Finding the right cleaning company in your area

There are many carpet cleaning companies out there in Merton, but not all of them can offer you perfect quality. It is important to know how to distinguish the high quality service from the low quality one. Here are some suggestions:

#1 Ask your friends and neighbours for references

It is worth to ask the opinion of your friends and neighbours who have recently used local carpet cleaning services. Let them suggest you a cleaning company that they are satisfied with, as there is a great chance that you will also be happy with their services.

#2 Look for discounts available

If you have to choose between several companies, look whether at least one of them offers a discount and take advantage of it.

#3 A guarantee for quality

Always opt for a cleaning company that offers a guarantee, as this will ensure that you will get quality for your money. Even if the result is not satisfactory, you can always use this guarantee and ask them to re-clean. They will do that for free.

#4 Good customer support service

The reliable companies are always available and you can reach them by phone. This is important in case you need their urgent services, like stain removal, or in case you have a problem with your carpet drying after their cleaning service. They should provide you with an adequate and prompt support.

Mvir Cleaning in Merton

Mvir Cleaning is among the most prominent cleaning companies in Merton that you can rely on.

Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Professional in Merton

Probably, the only reason why people in Merton choose to perform DIY cleaning by themselves is saving some money on professional cleaning services. Other than that, there are multiple drawbacks that DIY carpet cleaning has, which include:

  • The procedure is very tiresome and takes a lot of time – even days, while the time is really in shortage in these days.
  • The need to choose the right cleaning solutions by yourself. If you have no experience or knowledge, you can ruin your carpet by applying a solution that is not appropriate for your carpet’s type.
  • The need to hire a heavy-duty cleaning machine to perform deep cleaning. Otherwise, the whole time you have spent for carpet cleaning will be useless, as the dirt and soil will reappear soon. On the other hand, using such a machine without any experience or training can be dangerous for your health and for your carpet, too. There are many cases, where people got different injuries as a result of using this machine near the stairs. Moreover, if you don’t know how much water you should apply to the carpet, it may soak and later develop mould. All these cases will cost you much more than if you hire a professional carpet cleaner to perform this procedure for you.
  • The need to know the right approach to cope with the stubborn stains that appear on your carpet’s surface. Again, not knowing the most appropriate stain remover can lead to carpet’s discolouring or ruining the fine fibres of the carpet.

As you can see, the disadvantages of trying to clean the carpet by yourself are too many and hide some serious risks of money loss and health hazards. Yet, a dirty carpet itself is hazardous for your health too due to the soil, dirt, mites, germs, allergens and other microorganisms that thrive inside, so you just cannot leave it that way. The only option is hiring a carpet cleaning professional in Merton.

Why hiring a carpet cleaning professional is a great advantage?

A professional can save you all the hassles described above and clean your valuable carpet in the best possible way. What you need to do is to call a reputable local carpet cleaning company like Mvir Cleaning and leave everything in their experienced hands. They will come in the most convenient day and time for you, as they work every single day without a break.

These carpet cleaning professionals have one more great advantage. They work only with eco-friendly cleaning solutions, so you don’t have to worry about the chemicals that can deteriorate your health condition. They also perform steam carpet cleaning, which is the most effective deep carpet cleaning method available. No residue is left behind and all the harmful bacteria are completely eliminated.

The cleaning procedure usually takes about one hour and the drying of the carpet takes about 4 to 5 hours before you will be able to use it. The carpet cleaners will extend the carpet’s lifespan saving you thousands for a new carpet.

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Best Carpet Cleaning Solution in Merton

There are many carpet cleaning companies in Merton that offer carpet cleaning services, but which of them is the best? There are a few criteria based on which to determine the best one of all. Such criteria include:

  • The most appropriate carpet cleaning method
  • The use of eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  • Big experience in this field and well-trained cleaning experts
  • Providing a guarantee for their services
  • Excellent customer support

Based on these factors, you can search for the best carpet cleaning service in Merton. But in case, you would like to opt for DIY carpet cleaning, you will probably need to know what is the best carpet cleaning solution in the region. Let’s consider the options below.

Bissell 2x Professional Deep Cleaning

This product is favourite to many people, as it is pretty versatile and can be used even in full-sized machines. It not only has a great carpet cleaning formula, but in fact prolongs the life of the cleaning machine itself. There is nothing complicated about its applying and it effectively deals with pet stains, bad odours, etc. It is very appropriate for pet owners. Even a person with 5 dogs at home states that after using Bissell 2x Professional Deep Cleaning for his carpets no one of the visitors could guess that there are dogs in the house, as the carpets look like new. In addition, Bissell 2x Professional Deep Cleaning is safe to be used at home by families with little kids, in the workplace, etc.

Bubba’s Super Steamer Carpet Cleaner

This is another great cleaning solution for people with pets at home, as it successfully removes pee odours or pet related stains on the carpet. Yet, that is not its only advantage. It extends the life of the carpet and removes effectively the dirt and dust from it. What can be considered as a disadvantage is that some food or drink related stains cannot be removed as effectively as the above carpet cleaner, that is why this one is placed on the second place after Bissell 2x Professional Deep Cleaning.

Hoover Platinum Collection Pet Plus Carpet and Upholstery Detergent

As its name suggests, beside the carpet cleaning, this cleaning solution can be effective for upholstery cleaning, too. This is probably the third most effective carpet cleaning solution that can be found on the market. Its manufacturers state that it is effective in removing blood stains, vomits, grass stains, pet accidents and much more. It is used in deep-cleaning machines and contains professional strength formula that is approved by the Caret & Rug Institute.

These are our suggestions for super effective carpet cleaners that you can use, in case you would like to clean your carpet on your own. However, if you think that this work will be too time-consuming and troublesome for you to do, you can hire professional carpet cleaners in Merton, who will do the work for you. Mvir Cleaning is a company with experience in this industry that provides great quality deep carpet cleaning for all local customers.