Who are the best carpet cleaning company in Southwark?

You may wonder what cleaning company in Southwark to choose among so many available. After all, you would like that the work is done perfectly without giving a fortune to the carpet cleaners. You would like to get a guarantee for the services they provide to be sure that if something is not completely right, they will not charge you additionally to redo the work and fix the problem. And probably, you don’t want the carpet cleaners to use any chemicals in the cleaning process.

Well, all this is possible if you hire the best carpet cleaning company in Southwark. Let’s take a look at a few of the best in the region to consider which one can be called the best.

Magic Carpet Cleaners

This London based cleaning company offers a team of certified carpet cleaners who are insured and have the required knowledge and experience to do this work. Along with the carpet cleaning, they offer complete stain removal that can deal with the stubborn stains. They use non-toxic agents that do not harm the health and their prices reflect the quality. They provide both dry and steam carpet cleaning.

Mvir Cleaning

This is another great London based company that serves a wide range of locations and offers a range of additional services. They apply a deep steam carpet cleaning method to clean your rugs, carpets, mattresses, upholstery and more. They use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions to ensure that none of their clients will have any adverse reaction after the cleaning. On the contrary, they greatly improve people’s health by eliminating all the mites, allergens, and microorganisms that might thrive in your carpet and slowly make you ill. They also extract the dust from the very bottom of the carpet, thus extending its lifespan and restoring its fibers as much as possible.

Multi Clean

This is another carpet cleaning company in Soutwark that offers a wide range of services in addition to carpet cleaning, such as upholstery and mattress cleaning, domestic cleaning, wooden floor polishing, end of tenancy cleaning, and more. They also have a round-a-clock team for emergency water floor damage restoration. Multi Clean professionals offer from corner to corner carpet cleaning, including the places under the furniture along with stain and spot removal.

Carpet Bright

These cleaning providers have fully equipped vans that help them perform professional carpet cleaning services to all their carpets at affordable prices. The carpet cleaning process they provide includes stain removal, dust mite removal, water staining removal as well as bad odour removal through deodorising.

CL Cleaning Services

This is one more London based company that offers reliable and friendly carpet cleaning service at competitive prices. In addition to this service, some of their other services include window cleaning, gutter cleaning, scotch-guarding, stain removal, etc. An interesting fact about this cleaning company is that it is a family based business conducted by a married couple.

Hopefully, the information above have helped you to choose the best cleaning company in Southwark.

The Best EVER Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution in Lambeth

There are many carpet cleaning companies out there in Lambeth, but not all of them are ready to share some secrets and reveal the customers how they can make effective carpet cleaning solutions at home. Yet, we found one company that is happy to do that and to provide help to those people in Lambeth, who have too low budget to take advantage of professional carpet cleaning services. This is Mvir Cleaning, professional company that serves the region for more than 5 years already.

They share that it is easy to make homemade carpet cleaning solution. All you need is some basic household products, such as hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and white vinegar.

How to use these ingredients to clean the carpet?

There are a few options to do that. First of them is to mix some baking soda and white vinegar to create a sort of a foamy paste. Then, get a toothbrush and work it onto the stains. This solution has to sit for a while until it completely dries. Vacuum the carpet to remove the residue and see the result. If the stain faded but it is still there, you can repeat the procedure one more time or as many times as needed to remove it completely.

This will not work efficiently if the stain is caused by a wine or chocolate. In that case, you are recommended to apply hydrogen peroxide directly on the stain. After it stops fizzing, you can dab the affected area with a dry cloth. Again, if that procedure is not enough, you can repeat the process over and over again.

Take in mind that the stains, which are not immediately threatened, become stubborn and very difficult to remove. If these methods do not work in your case, you can contact Mvir Cleaning for advice or hire them to perform their stain removal service.

There are multiple advantages in using homemade carpet cleaning solutions

Apart from eliminating the stains, the vinegar is effective in removing the bad odour, so you get two benefits at the same time. But there are much more benefits in them ,therefore more and more people choose to use them. They include:

  • Homemade cleaning solutions are easily available and affordable
  • They do not contain harmful chemicals that deteriorate people’s health
  • They will not affect the indoor air quality; on the contrary, they will improve it
  • They can effectively remove some types of stains
  • People with allergies, children or pets would not be affected by them
  • They are great money-savers, too

Consider this information before you start

Testing your homemade carpet cleaning solution before you apply it directly to the carpet’s surface is obligatory. Find some invisible place to make the test and if everything looks good and there is no discoloration, you are ready to go.

Hopefully, these easy tips will help you remove the stains from your carpet. Mvir Cleaning is always there to provide you support if you need such.

We visited a client in London to clean his carpet

Why do clients in London choose us?

Mvir Cleaning becomes more and more popular in the carpet cleaning industry offering competitive prices for their high-quality cleaning services. People in London choose us because of the multiple benefits we offer them. These include: affordable rates and regular discounts, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, a guarantee for quality, a certified and licenced staff, time flexibility, as we work every single day of the week, and the fact that we chose to apply the best carpet cleaning method of all – the steam carpet cleaning.

One of our clients in London

We are going to share with you an experience with had recently with one of our customers in London. He called us one Sunday and asked us to come the same evening. That was not a problem for us, as we work in the weekends too. He told us that his carpet has not been cleaned for more than 2 years professionally and that there were some stains on the surface. So we prepared our equipment and cleaning solutions and went to his house.

It was clear that the carpet’s condition was neglected

The carpets looked dull and it almost lost its beautiful colours. If it was regularly vacuumed, it would not look so dull, but none in the house have had the time to take care of it. The dirt, soil from the shoes, mites and allergens have been accumulated inside and stains appeared in the surface making the whole room to look ugly. Moreover, the air quality was really bad and we explained the customer that this is all because of the carpet’s condition that needs regular carpet cleaning to preserve its high value.

Another thing we noticed and showed to the client was that the fibres at some places have started to tear. This was because of the sharp ends of the tiny soil particles, so regular vacuum cleaning is required to prevent their falling to the bottom. There were spills and stains of different origin that the client didn’t take care to treat immediately and they have become quite stubborn. We explained him that we are not able to completely remove them, as discoloration have already penetrated deep into the fabric, but we will do our best to improve those areas as much as possible.

In fact, it was really important to perform professional carpet cleaning, as the neglected carpet seriously threatened the health of people who live there. The client even said that their little son had some asthmatic cough that he recently got. We told him that after we complete our work, his condition should greatly improve.

We agreed on all details and started the work

We applied steam carpet cleaning method and after extracting the dirt and soil, the container was filled with black dirty water. We had to re-do the work to ensure that the carpet is indeed clean now. We treated the stains with our eco-friendly cleaning solutions and they almost completely vanish. The client was very happy with the results and said he will recommend us to all his friends.

Best Carpet Cleaning Chelsea

There is more than one available carpet cleaning approach when it comes to professional carpet cleaning Chelsea. The local cleaning companies use one of the three most popular cleaning approaches that we are going to describe in details below.

Cleaning Companies in Chelsea That Offer Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

The method of bonnet carpet cleaning is performed with the help of an absorbent pad. The cleaners would vacuum the carpet at first and will spray a solution that contains chemicals. Then, they place on their machine an absorbent pad also called a bonnet to work it in the carpet. Thus, the chemicals penetrate into the carpet and should remain there for a few hours to react with the dirt. The solution should be then extracted with a vacuuming machine to remove all the residue. This method seems to be quite easy, but it fact it has two big drawbacks – the cleaning process includes only the carpet’s surface and it involves chemicals. While the carpet looks clean in the end of the procedure, it will quickly be re-soiled again, since the dirt in the lower layers remain there.

Cleaning Companies in Chelsea That Offer Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a very popular cleaning method that also uses solutions with harmful chemicals. They are intended to dissolve and attract the dirt, however just as the above mentioned method, this method achieves only a surface effect, while the bottom remains uncleaned.

The carpet cleaning professionals usually apply one of the two dry carpet cleaning types: they use either dry foam of dry compound. Dry foam is a shampoo intended to attract the dirt, so there is a certain amount of water that is involved in this process. On the other hand, dry compound is in the form of a powder that is spread all over and then it is vacuumed. Some businesses prefer this method because of the quicker drying period, so they can use the carpets a very short time after the procedure. However, this method is not recommended for the residential use because of the chemicals that it uses.

Cleaning Companies in Chelsea That Offer Steam Carpet Cleaning

This is another very simple process that uses hot water and high pressure to dissolve the dirt and to kill all the bacteria and allergens hidden in your carpet. All the dirt, soil and residue is extracted with a powerful suction machine that collects everything in a container. This is the only method of above-mentioned that ensures you will get thorough carpet cleaning till the very bottom of the carpet. It is an eco-friendly method that does not involve any chemicals and is perfect for both residential and commercial use. The only drawback is the time for dying, which usually takes 4-6 hours. However, after this procedure, you carpet will look like brand new.

All things consider, we determine that the steam carpet cleaning is the most preferable method of all, especially if you would like to take advantage of the Best Carpet Cleaning Chelsea. If so, you can call Mvir Cleaning – one of the best local providers that applies the steam carpet cleaning method.


Carpet Cleaning in Kensington – Local Carpet Cleaners in Kensington

People in Kensington, who are concerned about the condition of their house because of the dirty carpets, can take advantage of the services that the local carpet cleaners provide. Probably, you are one of these people, whose carpets have been neglected from a long time and not only they have got a nasty look, but also have significantly deteriorated the indoor air quality.

You might have tried to vacuum the carpet several times but the situation did not change. In fact, the vacuum cleaners are not as effective as professional cleaning machines that the cleaning companies use. So the dust and dirt that over time have been fallen to the very bottom of the carpet remain there triggering different health conditions. In such a case, you need to urgently call professional carpet cleaners, such as Mvir Cleaning. Do not neglect the situation any longer, as it may turn into a health hazard for you and your family!

So let’s take a look at a few of the most popular carpet cleaning companies in Kensington to help you choose the one that will suit you best.

Mark’s Carpet Cleaning

This company offers both steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning based on your needs, while they guarantee that no chemical residue will leave behind.  Both companies and private people can take advantage of their services that include stain removal as well.

They offer the same day service coupled with 100% satisfaction guarantee at affordable rates. The work will be performed by certified and licensed carpet cleaners who provide hygienic, fresh and perfectly clean carpet.

Kensington Carpet Cleaners

This company provides a carefully trained staff that knows what to do and does it perfectly. They use eco-friendly products to save the environment and provide a wide range of carpet cleaning services. They guarantee that the stunning cleaning result will leave all their customers completely satisfied. This company also offers both dry and steam carpet cleaning and has the right answer to each specific situation.

Mvir Cleaning

Mvir Cleaning offers great professional carpet cleaning service for both private and commercial clients with eco-friendly cleaning solutions. They have a certified and licensed team of cleaning technicians that can perform multiple other services along with the steam carpet cleaning. Such services include stain removal, rug cleaning, mattress and upholstery cleaning, oven cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning and more. For each for these professional cleaning services, the company offers a guarantee along with great discounts on different services.

Carpet Bright

Carpet Bright is professional and energetic team of cleaning specialists who offer residential and commercial cleaning of carpets, rugs, upholstery, and more. Moreover, they provide carpet stain protection that prevents stains and dirt. It offers an invisible barrier for spills and different accidents. It is pet friendly and ensures a long-term cleaning effect on the carpet.

The information above will help you determine where in Kensington to turn to when it is time to clean your carpet. Choose from the best local cleaning services and enjoy the resu