Professional carpet cleaning in Croydon

Don’t wait for warm weather as a convenient time to make a start on the cleaning of your home and floor coverings. Dust and dirt are always accumulating on the carpets in your home. If you want to be sure that your carpet will be cleaned properly and thoroughly, it’s a good idea to turn to MVIR Carpet Cleaning…..

Carpet Cleaners In London

Whether it’s a restaurant, office or your private home, carpets can really suffer at this time of year. From wet, muddy feet to crumbs and spilt drinks from the Christmas party, they often look less than their best in January. It’s especially hard to keep them looking pristine with such damp weather.

A clean carpet is not only visually more pleasing; they are generally longer-lasting than dirty carpets. Like anything, their life is prolonged by being taken good care of.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning In London

Is your tenancy coming to an end this year? Leaving a clean and presentable property behind, will guarantee you that precious deposit back.

If your carpets need cleaning, and you’re worried about incurring the wrath of your landlord, simply call MVIR Cleaning. Based in South Croydon, we offer the most thorough deep steam cleaning imaginable.


Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning In London

Fancy the cleanest, most beautiful carpets in the New Year?

Carpets can get dirtier at this time of year, when the weather outside is wet, and accidents are more likely to happen.

If you have a busy Christmas or NYE party coming up, and suspect things might get messy, simply call MVIR Cleaning afterwards. No matter where you are in London, we’ll transform even the tawdriest carpet into one that smells fresh and looks flawless, with not a stain in sight.

High Quality Carpet Cleaning In London

Carpets bring an atmosphere of comfort and warmth to a home in winter. That is, unless they look dirty or stained.

A clean and fresh smelling carpet is essential in creating a pleasant place to live, whether you live in a city flat or suburban house. This is especially important in London, when pollution can sometimes make soft furnishings smell if not maintained properly.


Professional Carpet Cleaning in Gordon schools-Rochester

Last weekend our team cleaned the carpets at Gordon Schools in Rochester, Kent. We would like to thank for this opportunity to the Schools’ Manager. This has been a great experience for us and we are very pleased with the results. We hovered and steem cleaned the carpets in the nursery, the reception, junior and secondary schools.

Professional Steam Cleaning In London

Steam cleaning uses the most amazingly versatile tools and give the most thorough clean imaginable.

With its high temperatures, you can sanitize surfaces and lift away grease or grime like magic. And since it involves water, it’s also extremely cost-effective and kind to the environment.