Best Carpet Cleaning Solution in Kingston

People in Kingston, who decide to clean their carpets on their own, usually come across the following problem: which carpet cleaning solution to choose? This is not a minor issue; as improper cleaning solution may ruin their carpets. They usually search for a solution that is both effective and reasonably-priced. But more and more people today abandon all packed with chemicals solutions for reasons like:

  • They trigger or worse their allergies;
  • They destroy the environment;
  • They are not kid- and pet-friendly;
  • They may deteriorate any current health issues;
  • There are special cautions when applying such solutions, so they should be applied only by specialists.

Moreover, today even the professional carpet cleaners avoid to use them and prefer to clean with eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Mvir Cleaning is one of the Kingston’s professional cleaning companies that uses only green cleaning products.

So let us consider a list of three best green carpet cleaning products that people in Kingston can take advantage of:

HydrOxi Pro Encapsulating Spotter

This magic product is based on a unique polymer technology that removes all the stains and spots and prevents re-soiling. Some of the ingredients include orange oil, Hydrogen Peroxide, and wetting agents that successfully deal with hard places. It is easy to apply it at home: just spray over the affected areas and use a clean towel to agitate it. The solution will do the rest and within a few seconds, the stain will disappear. It is completely colour safe and is effective for various kinds of stubborn stains, such as wine, coffee, tea, soft drinks, blood, food, and even urine.

Carpet Rinse Plus

This product has a gently acidic effect intended to neutralize the carpet cleaning chemicals. It improves the effectiveness of rinse extraction by removing the residue. The product is used right after the primary cleaning, which makes the carpet soft for touch. It also effectively removes the build-up that makes the carpet brownish. All the carpet manufacturers recommend using this system, as it can be used on all stains and soils. Besides as a carpet spot remover, it can be used also for pre-treatments and as a deodorizer.

Majestic Carpet Solution Triple Action

This product can be used not only by professional carpet cleaners, but by homeowners, too and effectively removes all sorts of stains, like pet stains, coffee, wine, and protein based spots. Its multi-enzyme formula can be used for pre-spray and as a carpet spotter for effective cleaning. It eliminates the bad odours emitted by the carpet. To apply it on the stain, saturate fully the affected area with the solution to allow it penetrate deeply into the fabric. Then, agitate it with a clean towel and leave for 5 minutes. To absorb the stain, blot with towels until it dries. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

With these great eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions, you will be able to effectively deal with all sorts of stains and ugly spots on your carpet surface. If you find it difficult to clean the carpet on your own, you can always call the Mvir Cleaning for help.

Who are the best carpet cleaning company in Kingston?

Sooner or later, people who have carpets in their homes have to deal with the problem of their cleaning. That is because with the time, the carpets become magnets of dirt, dust and different microorganisms that deteriorate both its condition and our health. People try to do carpet cleaning on their own but their work cannot be as effective as professional carpet cleaning due to the following reasons:

Regular Vacuum Cleaning vs. Professional Cleaning

Regular vacuum cleaning of the carpet is efficient only for the carpet’s surface. It is good to extract the dust and dirt from the surface but it cannot effectively remove the dirt from the lower layers. Thus, while people think that their carpet is completely clean after vacuuming, in fact their carpet becomes a breeding place for different mites, microorganisms and allergens. They also deteriorate the indoor air, so the air that the family breaths on a daily basis is contaminated. Only professional cleaners can help you get rid of this health hazard.

Homemade Cleaning Solutions and Household Equipment

Homemade cleaning solutions are not so effective in stain removal as the cleaning solutions used by professionals.

The same applies for the equipment. The professional cleaners use industrial strength machines that are much more effective in extracting the dirt than the household cleaning machines. Some people prefer to rent a carpet cleaner from the store only for the period of cleaning, but they should be aware of the following hazards before doing that:

  • First, they should be trained about how to properly work with such a heavy-duty machine. It is better to not try it if they are not. There are many cases when the result of such DIY carpet cleaning ends with back injuries or other harms if people lack of knowledge and skills.
  • DIY carpet cleaning may also end up with big losses for you, as the carpet is expensive and its damage will cost you a lot. Unfortunately, many people cause overwatering of the carpets, as they are not experienced in this work and do not know the right amount of water required for proper cleaning.
  • Others who try DIY carpet cleaning find out how easily the colours of their precious carpets can be bleached. They missed to make a pre-test of the cleaning solution they are going to use and the results are really disappointing.

Please, keep in mind that professional carpet cleaners in Kingston cannot help you in any of the above mentioned cases. So the best option is to contact them before you start to try cleaning your carpet on your own. This will save you many hassles, mistakes, time and money.

Some people in Kingston think that it is too costly for them to hire professional carpet cleaners, but in fact, they are going to pay just little less for renting a carpet cleaning machine. Mvir Cleaning is among the leading carpet cleaning professionals in Kingston, so if it is a time to clean your carpets, you can confidently contact them.

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